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A unique method attract unique requests. Just an example;

‘My partner and I are both students of Dutch and we were suggested to contact you regarding a situation where we can also learn Dutch at the same time. In summary, we have a puppy and would like to sign up to a puppy-training course that starts on Sunday morning for 10 weeks and will be in Dutch. Do you have¬†any tutors near Oosterpark that would be interested in joining us to help translate and speak? If you have any dog friendly trainers, interested in this, please let us know.’

And yes, we arranged an amazing Sunday morning team of Flowently tutors who took care of puppy and parents. Learn Dutch by doing, braaf!

Curious about useful dog instructions? Take a look at page 42 ‘Walking the dog’ in your free Ebook ‘Flowently, InDutch on the go!’ and learn about vuilnisbakjes, vieze sloten, hij doet niks, keffertjes en af’! Be well prepared when you enter the Dutch Dog Jungle.
Be well prepared when you enter the Dutch Dog Jungle.
Tot ziens in het park,


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