‘Dear Flowently team, since I started using Flowently to improve my Dutch, I was impressed about your company. I’ve never experienced that learning a language could be so simple, fun and affordable. After looking at my quick progress, I felt eager to help more people experience the same when learning my native language.’
Aline, learning Dutch in Amsterdam

‘I always wanted to feel more sure at speaking English. With my tutor in Amsterdam I learned useful vocab which I can use in my daily work environment. Flowently enables me to learn exactly what I need!
Efficient and at flexible hours available.
– Amanda, English sessions in Amsterdam, NL

‘After having quite some sessions with Sjanne I can see that I made some improvement in my Dutch. I can see that she is really dedicated in doing her best, which makes me feel very happy to have her as my tutor. For me the weekly sessions that I have are so good and time passes very quickly! It is really an hour to learn,
but it doesn’t feel boring at all as in normal courses. It is a pleasure to learn this way.’
– Lilian in Rotterdam

‘Lovely teacher!’
– Mercedes in Rotterdam, NL

‘Lynn is very easy to get along with, and helped me during my first Puppy School lesson – she translated what the teacher was saying and helped me put a couple of useful sentences together and I was happy that I could do my introduction to the class in Dutch and also tell them that Bruno (my puppy) was not with me because he was sick 🙁 Bruno also liked Lynn very much! The next few weeks will be very useful to have someone to help translate and also talk to in Dutch (for some of the time!) Dankuwel en tot volgende week!’
– James, Anthony & Bruno, Amsterdam, NL

‘I love Flowently/InDutch, a great informal fun way to learn Dutch.
I usually dread lessons but i’m always looking forward to an InDutch session!’
-Lauriane in Amsterdam, NL

‘Sam (7 yearrs) had a great session with Lisa this week. She only spoke in Dutch and he was then replying to her in Dutch by the end of the lesson. He was chatting away to me in Dutch after Lisa had left!
Really pleased with how its working out 🙂 I’m recommending Flowently/InDutch whenever I can.
One of the previous sessions:
‘The children really enjoyed having Lisa visit today. Even as my son went to bed just now he said thanks for letting Lisa come over and teach him Dutch 🙂 I loved how the session was led by the children and at how much they were picking up words, without realising it. I’ll be booking next week’s lesson later. Hopefully Lisa enjoyed her time with us too!’
– Sam and his little sister, Dutch for children sessions, Amsterdam, NL

‘I have been living in The Netherlands for over than 10 years. Having learned ‘the basics’ during my immigration procedure, I was able to speak, read and understand Dutch in most of my daily / social activities. However I wanted to bring my Dutch to the next level for professional reasons – I am an accountant – and that is the reason why I contacted Anja from Flowently/InDutch to customize an intensive week for me with that purpose. While in the morning I was able to refresh the grammar with Anja and practice conversation (focussed on good pronunciation and good tempo), in the afternoon I had different tutors with different backgrounds, which on top of been very dynamic, was also quite interesting. I can notice I made some improvements, but this is just the start of a continuous process, so I am going on with weekly lessons….I just want my Dutch to be better every day.  Next step: NT2 exam.’
– Margarita (Argentina), intensive course and sessions in Amsterdam. NL

‘Flowently was easy to arrange, coming directly to us each week, and matched my 2 young bilingual children with the perfect teacher and a customized program to meet their language needs. They continue to both have fun and learn every week!’
– Arielle (USA), sessions in Amsterdam, NL

‘Flowently/InDutch has proved to be a very useful and important tool in helping me to achieve my NT2 level II exams which I am presently working on. The sessions are held at a time and place that best suits me and change from week to week depending on my situation at the time. The sessions are also run in a relaxed manner.
The combination of these factors make it a very pleasant learning experience.’
– Stephen (UK), sessions Amsterdam, NL

‘We are expats from Australia living in the Netherlands.  We recently started using the Flowently/InDutch services to help us learn practical Dutch.  We absolutely love these sessions, they are extremely fun and have absolutely accelerated our learning.

What we love most is the fact there is complete flexibility as to what we learn, where we learn it and when we learn it.  Our tutor is patient and really takes the time to ensure that we are learning every day Dutch while making sure that she understands if there are any specific areas or phrases we want to focus on.  She suggests great places for us to meet and use our Dutch in real situations, like in a bar or at the market doing our shopping.

We both have busy and demanding jobs, so she is incredibly flexible to work around our schedule to ensure that we can find a time that works.  She has even offered to do Skype sessions when we are travelling! Finding Flowently was a godsend for us, it has provided an opportunity for us to maximize our time – we learn while we socialize or shop!  It is a relaxed environment, so it doesn’t feel like a lesson, it is something we look forward to every week.’
– Michael and Toni (Australia) sessions in Amsterdam. NL

‘Flowently is great fun, social and very practical. My tutor showed me the best shops in town where I could find the items I was looking for, having a nice conversation in Dutch on the way. Also loved my architecture tour in the old centre.’
– Myriam (France) sessions in Amsterdam, NL

‘The first course went really well. My tutor had many exercises prepared and I was very pleased with her assistance on pronunciation. She is willing to make the sessions as customized as possible to my needs.
For me that matters the most.’
– Paschalis (Greece) sessions in Zwolle, NL

‘Signed up Friday in San Francisco to book a session on Saturday afternoon in a cafe in the centre of Amsterdam. Was great to practice my Dutch conversation with a well prepared tutor, focused on specific work related vocab.’
– John (US) sessions in Amsterdam, NL

‘I went to buy a second hand byke with my personal tutor! Learned interesting cycle and traffic vocab. Great to meet different tutors and finally start speaking Dutch! Can book sessions when it is convenient for me.’
– Lauren (UK) sessions in Rotterdam, NL

‘Nice to have a coffee in a cafe, do my shopping together with my tutor, learn practical phrases and experience how I can reply to all these little questions. I really feel more confident to speak Dutch.
Useful tips from my tutor who is an expat too!’
– Rachel (Australia) sessions in Haarlem, NL

‘Learned very useful baby vocab and could practice my Dutch in real life situations with my tutor at my side! Great to meet these Dutch students and professionals, relaxed and social method to improve my Dutch.’
Claudia (Italy) sessions in Utrecht, NL

‘Very kind and friendly tutor – made it easy to ask when I was fumbling for words. It was great that she noted down the words I’d had problems with so that I could go over them after the lesson.’
– Jaimy (UK) Skype session