How Flowently works

Flowently sessions are easy to book and you will always find a match with our 200+ tutors in 100 cities. Flowently tutors are enthusiastic highly educated professionals, ready to teach you and help you blend into local culture. Set your language goals and improve your language skills, online or at interesting locations. See our list of topics and the languages you can study with us.

The Flowently method

Why learn a language with a personal tutor? Learning a language is a personal process, depending on and influenced by many different aspects; motivation, time, talent and circumstances. When you start a Dutch language course with a small group of six people, after two or three classes, differences in language acquisition start to show and will only increase from there. So, what makes the Flowently method different and efficient? We asked one of our language professionals to dive into this matter. Read Niala Maharaj’s experience and revelation:

‘I wish Flowently was around when I was learning Dutch. Their method focuses precisely on the aspects of the language that caused me trauma when I came to this country.’

‘Take the nightmare called Dutch sentence structure. Normally, you go subject-verb-object, as in English. But once your sentence is longer than four words, you may have to do this weird inversion thingy – flip the words around in a part of the sentence. How do you know which sentences need this flipping flip? Which part of the sentence needs flipping? And where, in God’s name, do extra phrases go?’

‘I always thought learning Dutch sentence structure was like climbing to Machu Picchu. You go through hell but end up in heaven. But now I realize you can avoid the struggle. Flowently advises to take the easy way out. Avoid the struggle by calling on what they call ‘your five friends’. These are 5 tiny words you can use to avoid all this flipping madness. It’s genius!’

How to be polite and sound fluent

‘The entire system of instruction is like this. Flowently has broken down the key elements of the language into simple patterns and tricks you can use to fake it till you make it. You practice a series of ‘magic phrases’ that recur habitually in everyday conversation so you can sound fluent even when your vocabulary is still at the level of pathetic. From the ubiquitous ‘tsjonge jonge’ to the handy ‘mag ik erlangs?’, these clichés can form a skeleton on which you hang your own meanings and purposes.’

‘Their booklet ‘Learn Dutch on the Go’ is a wonderful condensation of basic rules of grammar and a goldmine of linguistic tips and tricks. It includes pronunciation exercises and offers formats for conversation in varying settings, from business meetings to conflict situations to going to the doctor. It even teaches secret phrases to express politeness.’

Speed up your ‘reaction time’

‘With this basis, you proceed to an excellent book called Taaltempo: training in conversational skills, written by Pauline Kuiper-Jong. This takes you, step by step, through the various formats of everyday speech in the form of questions and answers. Once again, my own experience of learning Dutch is what makes me enthusiastic about this book.’

‘In learning a language, the writer says in the blurb, it seems that, even after years of study, learners have difficulty with ‘reaction-time’. The gap between question and answer. I know this problem well. You tend to formulate your sentences based on the conventions in your own language. With these drills, you practice saying things using the correct Dutch phrasing and idiom. I cannot recommend this approach enough.’

The icing on the cake

Thank you very much Niala, for capturing the essence of the Flowently method in a few lines. What can we add more? The well-known ‘Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’ from Franklin Roosevelt certainly applies to Flowently. Let’s not forget the scientific foundation for the importance of ‘movement’ and ‘fun’ while learning. And last but not least, consider the social value of learning a language with a private teacher in everyday environments. Bye bye, boring classrooms!

Sure, but how come?

The idea behind Flowently is an old but lively dream of its founder to contribute to transforming education and school systems that are based on framing and reproduction into a smart, social, enthusiastic way of learning, our natural status.

Connecting people & cultures through language learning.


What makes Flowently tutors unique

  • Well-educated native speakers
  • Local experts, professionals & students
  • Teaching experience
  • Enthusiastic communicators
  • Can show you hidden local treasures
  • Qualified Flowently tutors

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The benefits of learning Dutch in a local café

How does Flowently work?

Are you ready to start your Flowently adventure? When booking you don’t need to know all the details for your session, you can discuss that with your tutor. You can choose any type of session, language or topic from your Flowently credits. Follow the steps and off you go!

Step 1: Find a tutor that matches your criteria

Meet our enthusiastic team of highly educated experts. Head over to their tutor profiles and see what they can offer. So, define your preferences and find your match. Your tutor will contact you within 48 hours to discuss details about content, location and time for your session. We kindly ask you to book at least 48 hours in advance.

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Create your account and buy your Flowently Credits to book your session. You can buy credits for a single session or you can by one of our discount packages. If you want to have sessions for two people, then the person who will make the bookings needs to register. The minimum duration of a live session is 1,5 hours, for online and children sessions 1 hour. One Flowently credit is worth 60 minutes. All Flowently credits and packages are valid for one year.

Step 3: Confirmation booking

Your tutor will contact you within 48 hours to discuss and confirm your session. Thereafter you will receive an email with the details for the session. In case the tutor does not contact you within 48 hours, the session will be cancelled automatically and your credits will be refunded. You can now make a new booking with another tutor or contact Flowently for help. You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance without any costs. If you cancel later, Flowently will charge the full amount.

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