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Who is my tutor?

Flowently tutors are highly educated professionals, who all passed the Flowently Tutor Training, and are well prepared to teach you a new language according to the Flowently method. You can study with a tutor of your choice. Define your preferences and find your match!

How can I get in contact with my tutor?

After you’ve made a booking, your tutor will contact you within 48 hours for an introductory chat. If you have the feeling this is not the right tutor for you, the booking will not be confirmed by the tutor and you can find another tutor. If you prefer help finding a good match, or finding a tutor in your area, please contact us.

Can I study with more than one tutor?

You can have a sessions with just one and the same tutor, as long as she/he is available. You can as well change tutor or book sessions with different tutors. Some students prefer to work with several tutors, as each person can have a different pronunciation of the language you’re learning, or teach different language aspects.

What if my tutor is no more available?

It can happen that a tutor is no more available. In that case you can find another tutor or Flowently can suggest another tutor to continue your sessions. There is no guarantee a student can always study with the same tutor.

Can I study with a qualified teacher?

If you want to study with the guidance of a qualified teacher, contact us and we will connect you. Please note, rates will be different.

Online booking, cancellation, extra fees

How is the booking procedure?

We kindly ask you to book at least 48 hours in advance, as our tutors are busy people. For booking, follow the steps, define your preferences, make an online booking, and your tutor will contact you within 48 hours. Together you will decide on details for the session, and your tutor will confirm the booking in our system.

What if my tutor does not contact me?

In case your tutor does not contact you within 48 hours, the session will be canceled automatically, and your Flowently credit will be refunded to your account. Now you can make a new booking with another tutor or contact Flowently for assistance.

What is the cancelation policy?

You can cancel a session up to 24 hours in advance without any costs. If you cancel later, Flowently will charge the full amount.

What is the value of a Flowently credit?

One Flowently credit is worth one hour of language teaching.

Are there any extra fees?

We would like to inform you that all extra costs related to sessions for student and tutor, such as tickets, food and drinks, are borne by the student. Do you want to visit a museum with your tutor, check if he/she perhaps has a museum card. In case of special events, always first check with your tutor. Study books are not included in the fee for the sessions.

Can I receive an invoice?

For your purchase you will receive an invoice automatically, which you can download or print.

Sessions, topics, packages, programs

Can I use my package for different types of sessions and topics?

You can book all types of sessions, topics and languages from the same package. Each session can be tailored to your language needs.

Does Flowently offer intensive courses?

Contact us, and we can advise you and arrange a course, according to your wishes.

Can I have my sessions at home?

By exception we can teach at the students home. We do recommend our live sessions, because meeting up with your tutor in town where you are surrounded by your new language, will certainly inspire you. For children sessions a tutor will come to your home.

Does Flowently offer group sessions?

If you want to learn a language with a group of friends or colleagues together, we are happy to arrange that and provide a tutor. Flowently does not form groups of students herself.

Where can I find the expiry date of my package?

All packages are valid for one year. Check your Flowently account for appointments, credits and the expiry date. NB, it is not Flowently’s responsibility to check the expiry date of your package.

How does Flowently guard quality of the sessions?

We guard quality of our sessions by sending the student the request for feedback by email, after each session. In case there is a problem, Flowently will contact the student and tutor and take care of a solution. Are you happy with your sessions and teacher? Please send a review as this will be posted on your tutor’s profile.

What is the program for children?

Children sessions can take place at your home or online. The program will be tailored to your child’s needs, if possible in cooperation with the school she or he attends. The tutor will connect to your child’s interests and use that as motivation for teaching. Learning by playing, interactive games, visit a playground, library, shop or museum, interact with other kids with the guidance of the tutor, in combination with modern study methods. Children sessions are available for all ages.

Exams, Certificates

Can Flowently help me prepare for the civic and state exams?

Flowently tutors can help you prepare for your civic integration exam and the NT2 Exams level I and II. We teach from level A0 to C2.

What is the value of the Flowently certificate?

Flowently students can take a test and receive a Flowently certificate. Flowently certificates can only confirm a certain language level or language skills.


Can I learn other languages?

Select the language you want to learn. Couldn’t find the language you want to learn? Please contact us and we will find you a tutor. You can use your package for any language, for which we have tutors available.

What is a bridge language?

You can select a tutor on bridge language, e.g. you are from Brazil, then you can learn Dutch with a tutor who speaks Portuguese. That will make it easier to learn Dutch, instead of having English as bridge language.

Study books

What study books does Flowently recommend?

Study books we recommend are modern, and most have a site for self-study. Study books are not included in the fee for the sessions. You can order your books here.

Flowently is offering free E-books for Dutch, English and Papiamentu.
We advise all our students to buy a Taaltempo book in the language they are studying, if available. This method will really help improve pronunciation, speaking skills and speed up the reaction-time.

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