Flowently has a personal, practical and flexible way of teaching a language. We zoom in on your personal situation and language requirements and start from there, working towards your personal language goal.
We don’t work with a standard checklist, but design customized programs for everyone. Learn the language of your choice, wherever and whenever you want. We make use of all the study books you may already have, or will advise you to purchase certain books if necessary.

Flowently has a wide portfolio of tutors from which you can choose. It is up to you to decide wether all your sessions are with the same tutor or a different one each session. Also, you can choose a live session or a lesson via Skype if that is more convenient. Tutors have their own expertise and way of teaching. If you would like some advice on picking your tutor, please fill in the contact form.

Flowently encourages getting out of your comfort zone and starting the challenge of improving your language skills outside of your home. This is why our sessions take place in real-life language surroundings, such as in a café, a library, at university, in the street, in a museum, a park or somewhere else in the city where you can practice your language skills among locals. If you wish to have your session at home, please get in touch with us at

Book your first session with one of our tutors! Improve your pronunciation by practicing in real life situations. During your session you can learn more about accents, intonations, word order and expressions. If you wish to improve your speaking skills, check-out the book ‘Taal Tempo Nederlands’ in our online store or read our blog article ‘Best way to learn Dutch’.

Our tutors are language experts but not fulltime language teachers. For a good start and solid foundation we match you with someone who is skilled in this specifically. If there is a tutor who also teaches absolute beginners in your town, then you can book a first live session with him or her all the same. Usually however, your sessions in this case will start through Skype.

Flowently’s sessions are appropriate for absolutely all language levels; from beginner to advanced. Also for all other specific language subjects you can always request a Skype session.

After you buy a package you will find a coupon in your Flowently account. This is your Flowently credit: the number of hours you bought. Now for making an online booking with a tutor of your choice, go to FIND A TUTOR. The amount for the session will be deducted from your coupon. (you can pay per coupon, credit card or ideal)

When you online book a session with a tutor for the first time, he/she will contact you asap to ask you some questions about your level and language goals. If you meet regularly, your tutor will not contact you for every session but just be there at the right place and time.

If your tutor is not available for the session, he/she will cancel the session and contact you to make a new appointment. Naturally, you will not be charged for this session but you will need to reschedule by going online and rebook the session on a different date. You can also cancel your sessions free of charge up to 24 hours in advance, after which your money will be refunded.

After each session you will automatically receive an email with a request to review your session. This will be shown on your tutor’s profile.

All packages are usable for 1 year.

You can cancel your session free of charge up to 24 hours in advance.  

Please visit our special in-company page and leave your contact details. We will contact you as soon as possible.

‘I’ve studied Dutch but I still don’t speak it’, is a phrase we’ve heard many times. Flowently is the modern alternative to boring classrooms at fixed hours and no – or not enough – attention for your personal acquisition process.

Flowently fills the gap between theory and reality; our live sessions with a private tutor will help to get around in real life. You can meet real people in daily life settings, and learn exactly what is relevant to you.

Flowently offers customized flexibility, from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. Get to know your neighbourhood, meet local experts (our tutors), talk to the locals and have fun!

A Flowently tutor is a highly educated (HBO/University) tutor, who has done the Flowently Tutor Training. All of our tutors are enthusiastic and skilled in bringing your language skill-set to a higher level. Some tutors have studied a language or are studying to become teachers ‘Dutch as a second language.’

We will recommend a qualified teacher when you have specific goals. For this, different rates apply. In-company trainings are always given by a qualified teacher, usually in combination with live tutor sessions.

In order to have a chat, you need to have (sub-) conscious knowledge of grammar. Learning a different language is in the first place becoming aware of your own language and seeing the similarities and differences. Flowently uses the method ‘Taal Tempo’ in order to improve speaking skills. Through this book you will automatically run into question about word order and conjugations of various verbs, ‘de’ and ‘het’ and more. Flowently offers a complete language package that focuses on improving conversational skills because this is the least developed part but the hardest to learn.

Flowently’s founder has over twenty years of experience in giving language trainings to expats and is the point of contact for all tutors and clients/students. Flowently stands for a personal approach and quality. All tutors receive trainings and are supervised. The client/student receives an evaluation request after each session so Flowently can receive third party input about performance of its tutors. All remarks, questions and/or feedback are welcome.

Sure we can, please get in touch with us and we will connect you to the right tutor.

When you have a number of people that is interested in doing group sessions, we would love to see what we could do for you. Our standard sessions are for 1 or 2 persons at a time, but please get in touch and we will get back to you about available tutors for groups.