15 November 2018
NEW & EXCITING! When a couple relocates to a new country for a new job, they both are equally excited about living abroad and discovering their new country, culture, exciting places to visit. There is all new food to try, music to listen to, and people to meet. Especially in the Netherlands as it has [...]
13 November 2018
IN THE CLOUDS OR OVER THE MOON? Recognize this? You’re having a conversation in Dutch; it’s going rather well, and all of a sudden you hear words, phrases that do not seem to make any sense at all after which you’re completely lost? As all languages do, Dutch has many expressions and sayings that people [...]
31 July 2018
I want to improve my Dutch. Which study book should I buy? I have studied Dutch before, what is my level of Dutch? Can I make a test to define my level? FLOWENTLY PRIVATE SESSIONS & IN-COMPANY TRAINING All Flowently sessions with a private tutor are customised lessons, you can start at any level in [...]
13 July 2018
Learn to take better photo’s with your smartphone while learning Dutch. Wouldn’t it be nice to combine learning Dutch with doing something you love doing, like learning photography? That’s exactly what we will do! Our smartphones have become an integral part of life and you may ask what do photography and learning a new language [...]
23 March 2018
Which is easier to learn: Dutch or German? To the untrained ear, Dutch and German can sound very similar. And even when written down, the languages can look similar. If your native tongue is English or French, Dutch just seems to be simpler to grasp, although many people coming from the Eastern European countries will [...]
23 November 2017
Learn Modern Greek Modern Greek is the language that Greeks currently speak. The Greek language is in general an independent branch of the Indo-European family of languages. It has the longest documented history of any other language of the same family and 34 centuries of written records, so surely, this is a huge legacy for [...]