21 July 2020
Why learn Hindi? Even though Hindi might not give you exciting career possibilities, and you probably won’t be able to speak it every day, it is a great language to learn, for several reasons. You can hear it spoken more and more frequently even in Europe. Like some of my students, you might even find [...]
13 July 2020
Learning Dutch, 7 great words Do you sometimes feel limited when you are expressing your feelings in Dutch? Life is amazingly great, and all you have in your repertoire is ‘heel goed!’ What spectrum and degrees of comparison do the Dutch have for great, marvelous, outstanding, fantastic, when things are really positive, over the top? [...]
07 July 2020
15 Tips on how to expand your Dutch vocabulary What is more important when learning a language; knowledge of grammar or acquisition of vocabulary? Well, you do need words to form your very first sentences. Putting them in the right form and order, has to do with grammar. That’s why knowledge of grammar and acquisition of vocabulary [...]
06 July 2020
HOW THE DUTCH SHOULD NOT SPEAK ENGLISH This is an article for native Dutch speakers, who were used to speak Dutch at work, but because of international colleagues, need to speak English, at least at all team meetings. Although most of the Dutch have a rather good understanding of English, using this language for professional [...]
25 June 2020
„Why and how should you learn Polish?” WHY LEARN POLISH? Come on, the reason to learn ANY language is to broaden our horizons, challenge our brains and talk to people representing different cultures. So let’s rephrase the questions thus: if you decide to learn Polish, will you be able to use it? I believe the [...]
08 June 2020
‘SOME OF MY STRATEGIES AND JOYS OF LEARNING MULTIPLE LANGUAGES’ LEARNING VOCABULARY “How can you remember so many words in so many languages?” Remembering individual words is hard, especially in your fourth, sixth, or eighth language. That’s why I always try to make connections. When I look up a word in a dictionary, I examine [...]