02 January 2020
Representing Flowently at Expat Family Market, tutors and international families shared their experiences. The visitors are all expat-families looking for reinforcement to feel more comfortable and confident with the Dutch language in social interactions in the Netherlands. While their children were decorating our unique hand dolls - that only speak Dutch - the parents were [...]
02 December 2019
A CALL WITH ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS Many years ago I was living in Amsterdam and was about to end a long telephone conversation with one of my best friends who I hadn’t seen in 6 months. We had talked for at least 45 minutes and I had my agenda on my lap, ready [...]
08 November 2019
FEELING AT HOME, EVEN WHEN YOU ARE IN BETWEEN HOUSES As a language institute, Flowently offers the opportunity to connect people, to feel at home in the Netherlands through language proficiency, even when they are not yet installed in their new home. At any age, the transition to a new country, new culture and new [...]
Why hiring for cultural fit doesn't have to undermine diversity
01 November 2019
WHY HIRING FOR CULTURAL FIT DOESN'T HAVE TO UNDERMINE DIVERSITY Although most managers would agree that it is important to hire people who fit in, the idea of hiring for culture fit has become controversial (1). Our work suggests it need not be. Most of the controversy boils down to a single key issue: the [...]
expat parents bike
25 October 2019
 WHY EXPAT PARENTS SHOULD LEARN DUTCH Let’s assume you’ve arrived in the Netherlands with your family. Now everyone feels happy and overwhelmed by all new impressions! Living in a new house, town, a new language and culture, a new job and for the kids a new school with new teachers and friends. Perhaps your child [...]
31 July 2019
 LET'S GO DUTCH! The Dutch are one of a kind. They are highly educated and most of them speak English. Expats love this fact. What expats don’t realize is that this prevents expats from really integrating in Dutch society. Moreover, ever noticed a group of Dutch people, first talking in English and when they talk [...]