Do you speak my language?

The effect of addressing someone in their own language

Why would you learn Dutch if you are in a country where everyone speaks English, even when you, as an international, do your very best to speak Dutch? Well, there is a reason and the impact is great.


Recently, the French President Macron paid a state visit to the Netherlands. A funny situation arose at the state banquet in the Palace on Dam Square, King Willem-Alexander gave a speech in French, while Macron spoke some words of Dutch. Watch the video and the effect when you address someone in their native language.

Watch the video

What is happening here? You feel surprised, respected and valued when someone speaks to you in your own language. Vice versa, you take a step towards the other person, showing respect in your attempt to speak their language. The result: warmth and pleasure. Of course, you are not a Macron who has a piece of paper with a text that you can read out. How can you manage to have specific language skills ready for specific situations?

Reasons why you should learn Dutch

Here we give some more reasons why you should learn Dutch when you are living in the Netherlands:

  1. Integration: Learning the local language can help foster a sense of belonging and facilitate integration into the local community.
  2. Cultural understanding: Language is closely tied to culture, and by learning Dutch, one can gain a deeper understanding of the local customs, traditions, and way of life.
  3. Improved communication: Although many people in the Netherlands may speak English, there can still be instances where knowing Dutch can enhance communication, especially in certain professional or social settings.
  4. Personal development: Learning a new language can be a rewarding personal challenge and an opportunity for intellectual growth.
  5. Career opportunities: Having knowledge of the local language can open up additional career opportunities, especially in fields where proficiency in Dutch is valued or required.

Learn what is useful to you with a private tutor

Flowently’s personal approach can help you out. With a private Flowently tutor you will not only learn basic language skills but in a tailor made program you can learn the phrases and vocabulary that you need to get around in daily life. Besides, your tutor can help you find your way in The Netherlands. Read more about the topics we offer for learning a language. Together with your tutor you can book your sessions, live or online, at flexible times.

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