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Boost your language skill even more with selected language tips from Flowently. Every now and then we will be posting some useful tricks for learning a new language or funny insights that you probably can relate to!

Language tips selected by Flowently

How the Dutch should not speak English

HOW THE DUTCH SHOULD NOT SPEAK ENGLISH This is an article for native Dutch speakers, who were used to speak Dutch at work, but because of international colleagues, need to speak English, at least at all team meetings. Although most of

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Why and how should you learn Polish

Why and how should you learn Polish?” WHY LEARN POLISH? Come on, the reason to learn ANY language is to broaden our horizons, challenge our brains and talk to people representing different cultures. So let’s rephrase the questions thus: if

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Tips from a polyglot

SOME OF MY STRATEGIES AND JOYS OF LEARNING MULTIPLE LANGUAGES’ LEARNING VOCABULARY “How can you remember so many words in so many languages?” Remembering individual words is hard, especially in your fourth, sixth,

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Je maintiendrai!

JE MAINTIENDRAI! ‘Heb je je bagage? Ik neem de paraplu wel. Even mijn portemonnee pakken. De chauffeur wacht op ons!’ This is just an ordinary conversation in Dutch between two people travelling. Or isn’t it ? Taking a closer look

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Leer een taal tijdens je corona retraite

Leer een taal tijdens je corona retraite Beste taalliefhebbers, deze blog gaat over het plezier in het leren van een vreemde taal! Misschien zit je nu thuis in deze moeilijke tijd van Covid-19, maar denk aan de lange termijn en houd vol! Zoals onze nationale held Johan Cruijff al wist ‘Elk nadeel hep z’n voordeel’, [...]
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Learning through the corona retreat

LEARNING THROUGH THE CORONA RETREAT Dear language learners. This post is about fun in learning, for all of you out there studying a foreign language. Think about the long-term and stay strong in these difficult times of the Covid-19.

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