We would like to inform you that all extra costs related to sessions ­for student and tutor, such as
tickets, food and drinks, are borne by the student.
Do you want to visit a museum with your tutor, check if he/she perhaps has a museum jaarkaart.
For all other extra activities, please discuss this with your tutor first.


We kindly ask you to book your session at least 48 hours in advance, as our tutors are busy people.
All bookings may be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hrs before a session. If you cancel your session later than 24 hours in advance, bookings are non­refundable and will be asked to pay in full. If you would like to cancel or modify a reservation or appointment please contact your tutor as soon as possible. In case your tutor cannot attend the session because of an emergency situation, your tutor will inform you and Flowently as soon as possible. We will suggest ­with your permission ­another tutor for your session.
When no solution can be found, Flowently will refund the amount paid for the session.