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Say goodbye to the traditional, dull classroom setting. Mastering Dutch has never been more engaging and fun than with Flowently! Our unique approach allows you to learn Dutch online or dive into the language through in-person sessions, tailored exactly to your pace and preferences. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Amsterdam with a private tutor or connecting from the comfort of your home, Flowently adapts to your learning style.


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Why choose Flowently for your Dutch lessons?

  • Flexible learning: Whether it’s an online Dutch course or a live session in town, learn Dutch at your own pace, focusing on practical language skills.
  • Personalized experience: Our Dutch courses online and offline are designed around your needs, helping you achieve your language goals efficiently.

Frequently asked questions about learning Dutch with Flowently

What can I learn in a 30-hour Dutch course?

Looking to learn Dutch? Flowently offers flexible and personalised language learning in everyday environments. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, our 30-hour Dutch learning package can help you achieve language level A1, meaning you can introduce yourself, order in a cafe or restaurant, and have a chat with colleagues or neighbours. You can also read and understand simple instructions, pronounce street names, and find your way around town. During your Dutch language course, you can decide what you want to talk about to learn Dutch easier and faster. See our topic list for some inspiration!

How will I learn Dutch in a cafe?

Where others offer lessons in dusty classrooms, Flowently provides language learning in everyday environments. You can meet up with your Flowently tutor in a local cafe, or any other public place. Bring your study books and off you go. Together with your tutor you can practice shopping, ordering and all types of real life social interactions. Your tutor will help you overcome the fear of making mistakes and boost your confidence!

Can I study for my civic integration or NT2 exam with Flowently?

Yes, you can. When finding a tutor, select ‘Civic & state exams’ and you will find all the tutors who can help you prepare for your exam. Flowently has guided many internationals successfully through the civic integration and NT2 state exams. If you would like to take an exam, please contact us so that we can find a suitable tutor for you.

Free Dutch language tips & tools

On our homepage you can find ‘The magic phrase of the day’. This is a word, saying or expression that you can use in your daily conversations. They won’t be easy to find in your textbooks, so the phrase is always helpful! Flowently also provides free audios for learning Dutch. When you head over to our language tips page you can find inspiring and handy tips for learning a new language as well. And if that’s still not enough, you can go to our collection of videos and games for learning Dutch.

A student about his Dutch tutor and language course at Flowently

“My tutor was very professional and passionate about languages and helped me a lot to develop my Dutch skills. She was nice, patient and very organised. She also knew how to bring structure to my chaotic study skills. I would highly recommend Flowently.” – Pedro Borges

Dutch courses for individuals or companies

Flowently offers private language training for either one or two people. However, for companies, we offer professional group training with certified teachers. The training can be organised online or at location. Is part of your team moving to another country? We can allocate a designated teacher so that your employees can easily get accustomed to their new language and culture.

Dutch lessons in Amsterdam

Is Amsterdam your new hometown or capital? Let Flowently surprise you! Book a live session with the topic ‘Walk & Talk’ or ‘Snap your city’. Meet your local Amsterdam private tutor in a cozy cafe and learn Dutch at your own pace. Want to try it right away? Go for it! Your tutor will take you on a trip to the most beautiful places and hidden treasures in Amsterdam! More information about learning Dutch in Amsterdam

Learn Dutch with our online or live sessions

Learning Dutch with our online or live sessions are two effective ways to achieve your language goals. With online sessions, you can learn from the comfort of your own home or wherever you have access to a computer or mobile device. This is especially beneficial if you have a busy schedule or live far away from a language school. Our live sessions, on the other hand, offer the opportunity to practice your language skills in real-life situations, such as at a bar or on a market and you’ll receive instant feedback from one of our qualified tutors. At Flowently, we offer both online and live Dutch language sessions tailored to your needs and preferences. Our experienced tutors provide personalised language learning in everyday environments, such as cafes, markets, or museums. Whether you choose online or live sessions, our goal is to help you achieve your Dutch language goals in a fun, practical and interactive way.

Available sessions

We have both Live Sessions as Online Sessions available. So whether you want to meet online or in person, you can learn Dutch the way you want! Read more about levels, exams, certificates and packages.

Live & Online sessions for 1*

  • 1,5 hour sessions
1,5 credits
  • 2 hour sessions
2 credits
  • 3 hour sessions
3 credits

*Bring your friend and get a discounted rate!

Start your Flowently adventure!

Step 1: Find a tutor that matches your criteria

Flowently sessions are easy to book and you will always find a match with our 200 tutors in 100 places. We focus on social conversation and practical language skills, which you can use right away. Learn to speak like a local!

Go to ‘Find A Tutor’, select your preferences and find a tutor who matches your criteria. You can book sessions with just one tutor or with multiple tutors, as you like. Contact us please, if you need help finding a tutor.

After each session you will receive an email to review your session. We use all feedback to guard quality of our sessions.

Step 2: Book your session

Create your account and buy your Flowently credits to book your session. We kindly ask you to book 48 hours in advance. You can buy a single session or a discount package. All Flowently credits and packages are valid for one year.

Do you want to study with a friend? We offer 50% discount for the second student. The person who will make the bookings needs to register only.

1 hour for 1 person = 1 Flowently credit
1 hour for 2 people = 1,5 Flowently credits (50% discount for your friend)

Step 3: Confirmation booking

Within 48 hours, your tutor will confirm your booking and contact you to discuss details about content, location and exact time for your session. In case the tutor does not contact you within 48 hours, your session will be cancelled automatically and your credits will be refunded. You can now make a new booking with another tutor or contact us and we will help you find a good match.

You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours in advance without any costs. If you cancel later, Flowently will charge the full amount.

Find out what our students think of Flowently

Great teachers, great experience overall! My dutch went from A0 to A2 in a record time thanks to the dedicated work of the Flowently team! Really recommend to everyone 🙂
15:57 18 Feb 21
I highly recommend Flowently to learn Dutch. Our teacher (Nathalie) is highly skilled and the communication is very smooth. the only platform maked it easy to communicate and to book our lessons.
Frédéric Dauba
Frédéric Dauba
11:54 01 Mar 21
We enjoy dutch lessons with flowently. The teacher is very nice and propose useful activities, it is also very adequate for children.
Graziella Subileau
Graziella Subileau
08:34 23 Feb 21
Flowently is the best option to learn Dutch in a professional and flexible way. Loved it!
Pedro C
Pedro C
08:12 23 Feb 21
I am extremely happy with the classes from Fluently. It allowed me to get up to speed and already say few words in Dutch. I like their practical method to just dive into the language! Highly recommended!
Miriam Bianconi
Miriam Bianconi
14:27 03 Dec 18
I always look forward to my tutoring sessions with Cecile. I feel like I am being challenged just enough so that my mind struggles to incorporate the lesson. I can feel the learning happening! I also feel like the materials that we are using and the course of study that we are pursuing will get me where I want to be in terms of competence. My family and I are moving to the Netherlands in a year and I am excited to see how well I progress during that time.
Jeptha Evans
Jeptha Evans
13:43 05 Aug 21
I enjoyed the first session with Ingrid very much. I thought that the time went by very quickly (this means I enjoyed it...!) & I felt comfortable speaking Dutch. I am looking forward to more sessions in order to build my confidence
Linda Hayward
Linda Hayward
09:01 27 Jul 21
My family is learning Dutch with Cecile through Flowently. I am dazzled with the experience. My daughters are having a wonderful time, as Cecile plants and nurtures important seeds of language acquisition ahead of a move to Amsterdam next summer. My husband and I each take lessons as well. I entered the experience as the most language-phobic student. Working with Cecile shifted those anxieties into a place of real joy in the process of learning a remarkable and fun new language.
Cindy Glass
Cindy Glass
14:47 08 Aug 21
Cecile Wijne is an excellent tutor. I am very satisfied with my Dutch classes with her. She has great experience and adjusts learning programs to students' needs. I would totally recommend her as a teacher.
Oleksii Kosenko
Oleksii Kosenko
14:35 05 Aug 21
Another great lesson. Very much appreciate the flexible and relaxed approach, tailored to my needs. Thanks Iris!
Andy Cherry
Andy Cherry
14:30 17 Aug 21

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