In-Company Training

‘Learn to navigate daily life and blend into local culture’,
is what you wish for your employees.
Flowently designs customised courses for individuals and groups, live and online.
An Intercultural Awareness Workshop can be part of the training.
You can learn several languages with us and we offer sessions for spouses and kids as well. See our special discounts for online group courses. Feel connected and use your time profitable!

The benefits of language learning for your company

When you have international employees working at your company, you certainly know the benefits this brings to the team and entire company. A fresh pair of eyes, different approach and communication style enriches your way of doing business and brings more value to your company and position in the world.

Your investments

Companies invest time, energy and money to get the right person on the right spot. Your  international employee does not only invest time and effort, but also gives up the safety of his culture and family. It is important for all parties to make the immigration and new position a success. What we often hear is: “We found the perfect match for our company, but the candidate is hesitating because he or she will come with their family and they are not sure about their well-being in a new country.” What you, as a company, definitely don’t want is staff turnover. After the hassle and expense of relocating people, you need them to stay. That means they must feel at home in the Netherlands and they can’t do that unless they are comfortable with the Dutch language and culture. This counts for not only your employee but the whole family.

Courses for employees, spouses, kids

Flowently offers all services you need for a successful relocation of your internationals; individual or group courses for your employees, and language courses for spouses and children, all available live or online. We design courses with tutors and qualified language teachers at all levels, including preparation for civic and state exams. Learning a language with our live sessions will definitely result in a better connection with the local language and culture and make people feel at home. It is our goal to make your employee stay and we aim for long-term language partnerships with companies.

English language courses

Do you have Dutch employees at your company who would function better if they could upgrade their English vocabulary and speaking skills? An English language course, tailored to your company’s needs, will help you improve proficiency for the international market. Fill in the form and we will get back to you soon.

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    Individual training

    Meet up with your private tutor, live or online, learn to navigate daily life and blend into local culture. Learn work-related vocabulary and practice your chat at the coffee machine.

    In short:

    • Flowently unique experience
    • Learning by doing in real life
    • With a private tutor
    • Go where the locals go
    • Available from 8AM to 10PM, 7 days a week

    Group training

    We help your employees feel at home in their new country by teaching them practical Dutch language skills. Flowently offers in-company and online language training for groups.

    In short:

    • Group training at your office
    • Group training online
    • Work-related vocabulary
    • Social conversational Dutch
    • Feel at home through language learning

    Intercultural awareness

    Insights in history and culture provide intercultural awareness and will help you overcome culture shock. Learn about the do’s and don’ts when living in another country.

    In short:

    • Get useful insights
    • Geography and history
    • Customs and culture
    • Fun & self-awareness
    • See the world with a fresh pair of eyes

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    Our clients

    What our clients say

    Miriam Bianconi – PICNIC

    ”We are extremely happy with the Dutch classes from Flowently. Our employees say: ‘It allowed me to speed up my speaking skills’. ‘I can already say a few words in Dutch’. ‘I like their practical method to just dive into the language!’ ‘Highly recommended!”’

    Sergio Carreira – UBER

    ”Flowently has been the perfect partner to coordinate Dutch lessons at our office. Our students love the teachers and their methodology, as well as the informal approach to the lessons. Thank you Anja & team!”

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