7 Essential tips for
HR managers

What every HR manager can do to help new employees overcome their language barrier and make language learning to a fun team building experience.

How to facilitate a better relocation for your staff

Does your company have employees from other parts of the world that you recruited to acquire skills and qualities you need for your business?
Are you happy that they came to work for you?
Would you be even happier if they stayed?
Being able to navigate daily life in Dutch, will certainly contribute to the well-being of your staff.

Tip 1  Word of the day at the coffee machine

Learning a new language is a matter of time. Don’t expect your new colleague to learn Dutch within a couple of months. High expectations only cause more stress. The coffee machine is not only for coffee, as we all know, but also a great spot for social chit-chat. Why not post ‘a word or phrase of the day’ there? (eg Lekker Bakkie!) Invite your Dutch and international staff to join this fun and social learning tool.


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