Breaking down the language barrier at work?
7 Essential tips for HR

As an HR manager, you want nothing more than for the internationals in your organisation to quickly feel at home. With these simple tips, they’ll find their way in your company soon and smoothly. Download them immediately!

  • Enhance team spirit
  • Improve expat relocation
  • Achieve work successes faster


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How to go about it? Start with small, practical adjustments in the workplace that encourage your new and international staff to learn the language. This not only improves the relocation of expats, but it’ll also allow them to get acquainted with their new colleagues in a fun way. Consider language training tailored to companies if you’re looking to make really big strides.

Spoiler alert! Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got in store for you:

1. Word of the day at the coffee machine

Learning a new language takes time. Don’t expect your new colleague to master the Dutch language within a few months. High expectations lead to stress. Use simple situations to teach the language. The coffee machine is not only for making coffee but it’s also a great place for a chat. Why not put up a word or phrase of the day right here? (“Nice cup of coffee!”) Invite everyone to join in this fun and social learning experience.

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