How do I become a Flowently tutor?

Do you have any experience in language/grammar teaching? Would people describe you as an empathetic, creative, openminded and knowledgeable person? We are looking for tutors with a professional attitude for flexible hours per week. Work as a tutor and see your own culture with a fresh pair of eyes.

General requirements

You are a HBO or university student or highly educated and really good with languages and you can explain grammar subjects as well. Flowently tutors are not qualified teachers per se, but they are all very interested in languages, teaching, other cultures and eager to help others feel at home in their new place of residence. 

1. You are familiar with the Flowently method

Learn a language with a private tutor
Learn practical and social language skills
Learning by doing in real life environments
Focus on pronunciation and speaking skills
Create a learning session that fits you, live or online
Available 7 days a week, 8AM – 10PM
(we ask our tutors a minimum availability of 4 hours per week)

2. Flowently Tutor Training

All tutors will join the Flowently tutor training, live or online. In this 3 hours training you will learn more about the Flowently method, policy and administration. Tutors will be guided by Flowently when they start teaching and tutors can always contact Flowently for teaching advice.

3. Native or Advanced (C2) language proficiency

You are a native speaker or your level is as good as native speaker. Flowently uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages for reporting language proficiency. Your language levels for the languages you teach must be accurate.

4. Reliable access to smart phone and internet connection

You will need regular access to your smartphone to receive and respond to an online booking within 24 hours. Also regular access to the internet is required to accept online lessons requests from students, to communicate with your students and manage your teaching profile. For online sessions you can use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime. Please download, install and create an account using one or more of these options before your first session, they are all free to use.

5. Your Flowently Tutor Profile, picture and video

Register on the Flowently website as tutor. After the interview and you’ve joined the Flowently tutor training, you can create your online tutor profile and students can book you for a session. It is your responsibility to keep your profile up to date.

Profile introduction text
Create a professional looking profile with text in English. We like to see your first name and last name but not your age. Write an effective short introduction in max 100 words for a first impression. In a Read More you can share more details about your expertise, teaching experience and personal specialties. Originality and a sense of humor will make your profile attractive and outstanding, consider how your profile will look to students. Don’t include any phone number, e-mail address, blog or website in your profile.

Choose a profile picture that represents you at your best, should be a close up photo, with a smile, clearly showing your face. To limit the server space, we only allow photos to be uploaded within this limit: at least 500 x 500 pixels, JPG, PNG, BMP formats only, maximum size of 2MB.

Video introduction
With a video introduction – from 60 sec minimum – you can introduce yourself or your environment or an activity. Most important is that students can get an impression of your voice, how you speak. The spoken text basically is in English and/or the languages you teach. With your mobile phone, you can download “YouTube Studio” app in PlayStore or AppStore. You can then record, edit, and publish your video easily. Copy the link of your youtube video to your tutor profile.

Google Play Link

App store Link


6. The Flowently online booking system, what you need to know and do

For new students
You have received an email with an online booking from a new student. Call the student asap, at least within 24 hours, to gain useful information, make notes, does your student have study books? Tutor and student will decide together on the definite day and time for the session(s) and the tutor will make a confirmative booking in his or her Flowently account. Tutor will send the confirmation to the student by email from his / her dashboard. Both tutor and student will receive an email with confirmation about all details of the booking.

For students you know
Ask the student to use the feature re-book appointment in his/ her dashboard. Once the booking is made, you can just confirm the booking by scheduling the time in your account. Tutor and student will receive an email, confirming all details.

Online booking each session
Students are obliged to book each session online, only then they have paid for the session. If a session takes place without booking, Flowently cannot pay the tutor.

Booking expires
A booking request will expire if you do not schedule a time for the new appointment within 48 hours. And the student will receive the cancellation and a request to make a booking with another tutor. If this happens Flowently will contact the tutor for information, because we don’t want to lose students. Tutors can change the date, time, and location of the appointment after discussion with the student.

Only students can cancel a booking. If the tutor wants to cancel a session, she/he needs to inform the student, then the student can cancel the session.

Change booking details
Only the tutor can make changes in the booking, only after consulting the student.

Cancellation policy for students
Sessions can be canceled by the student without cost until 24 hours in advance. In case the cancellation is later, students will not get a refund and Flowently will pay the tutor for their time reservation. Take care that all sessions are booked correctly in your account as this corresponds with our financial administration.

7. Become a tutor now!

Now we invite you to sign up with Flowently to become a tutor. We are looking forward to having you on the team!



What makes being a tutor for Flowently unique

With Flowently’s live and online sessions you will help internationals feel at home in their new city.

  • See your own culture with a fresh pair of eyes
  • Determine your own working hours
  • Develop teaching and communication skills
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Guide internationals in local culture and customs in a fun way