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Welcome to Flowently!

This topic is for everyone who starts learning Dutch for the very first time and also for those who want to experience the Flowently way of learning a language. Meet up in a local café with your tutor and learn the ‘Dutch magic phrase’ for ordering drinks, that you can practice right away. You can discuss your language goals with your tutor and line out your personal learning program.

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Social Conversation

Have you had enough of textbooks or is grammar one of your nightmares? Are you perhaps a typical auditory learner who picks up a language just by hearing it? Or do you want to bring your conversations to a higher level? Find a tutor that meets your language goals and improve your skills over a cup of coffee in a café. Read our blog: My vocabulary was like the hulks.

Walk & talk

You’ve been working on several language topics in the café or online with your tutor? Then it’s time to leave screens, chairs and books behind you for a refreshing Walk & Talk session. Meet up with your tutor in town, grab your coffee to go – in Dutch of course – and see how you can manage out there in your new language! Are you not sure on what to expect with this particular session? Read our blog: Do you learn better after moving around.


Do you find it challenging to go shopping? Schedule your next shopping trip together with your tutor and find out all about hotspots, specialty stores, names of ingredients and other things you normally never manage to find. Learn how you can respond to all ‘funny’ questions at the counter or practice your chit-chat with vendors in a street market.

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Expat life

It’s quite a challenge to find your way in a new country. Get practical information about the municipality services, housing, healthcare system, school systems, insurance, local taxes, energy, celebrations or anything else that might come to mind. You can share your culture shock with tutors who have been expats themselves. Read our blog: Misunderstandings while learning Dutch.

Art & design

Are you an art lover? Would you like to learn Dutch while discussing – and watching – art and culture? You perhaps know the work of Dutch greats such as Rembrandt van Rijn and Johannes Vermeer but how about the abstract work of Willem de Kooning, Piet Mondriaan, and the contemporary art of Robert Zandvliet? Find a tutor and discuss the national and international art scene and learn more about Dutch adjectives.

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History & politics

What can give you more insight into, and understanding of today’s society than diving into the past? Flowently has tutors who are experts in history and politics and they are happy to meet you. Develop a historical perspective on Dutch society and enjoy an interesting chat with a local expert. Tip: Go historical sightseeing in your town or join a guided tour with your tutor by your side and improve your conversation skills as you go.

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Video & games

Are you a film buff or are you a traveler in the world of video games? Do you love cinema? Meet up with local film freaks or gamers and discuss, watch or play together. Improve your language skills by reflecting on divers forms of media. Click here for video & games tips.

Business & IT

Do you find it challenging to pick up the phone? Running your own business? Learn specific vocabulary related to your working environment, focus on writing emails, making phone calls, filling in forms and practice your chit chat for meeting colleagues at the coffee machine. Learn about google keywords in your new language and have a conversation about the Dutch way of doing business and ‘hidden Dutch politeness’!

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Snap your city

Would it not be nice to combine learning Dutch with something you love, like taking pictures? That is exactly what we will do! We will go on a walk or ride through one of the gorgeous locations in The Netherlands or just in your town, with our smart phones. During the tour, we will discuss what we see and take photographs of objects, situations, texts, signs etc. Let us take you on a snapshot tour to your favourite spot, or explore new areas with hidden gems, and learn Dutch on the go! Read our blog: Snap your city & Learn Dutch.

Hop on your bike

Are you an experienced cyclist? Meet up with your tutor and explore the outskirts of town and unknown areas by bike. Get to know useful ‘bike-terms’ like ‘opstappen, afstappen, remmen, wind mee en tegenwind en -most important – ik ben doorweekt‘ (I’m soaked). This topic is not available for people who have no experience riding a bike!

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Innovation & design

Does your heart beat faster when you come across smart environmental, technical solutions? Are you fond of social and sustainable inventions? Meet enthusiastic locals or experts and have a conversation about technical engineering, solar and wind solutions, architectural innovations and more. Read our blog: 16 tips on how to expand your Dutch vocabulary.


Do you consider yourself as a ‘foodie’ or keukenprinses of -prins (kitchen princess or prince)? Then there is a lot you can share with our local culinary enthusiasts. Get tips on where to get the best ingredients, share recipes and perhaps plan a cooking or baking sessions. Bon appetit!

Intercultural Awareness

Once we experience living in a new country, we start realizing that there are different perspectives to cultural dimensions, such as communication styles, use of time, distance of comfort, hierarchy, feedback giving etc. Get more insights on how to deal with culture shock and about the do’s and don’ts. Take the Cultural Awareness test and start an interesting conversation with your Flowently tutor!

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Blog-writing & story telling

Are you a passionate writer, journalist or do you write blogs just for fun? Are you a creative mind and do you love stories? Then this is the session for you. Dive into a language and culture by creating stories. Go out with your tutor to find new stories to tell. Familiarise yourself with local culture and share your fantasies or point of view with the rest of the world.

Body & mind

Are you a physiotherapist, a dentist, a psychologist or a sport or yoga teacher? Or does the whole pilates class take place in English, because you are the only one who does not understand Dutch? Learn useful jargon and feel more connected and confident in simple practical instructions and conversations.


Ja, goal! Oh nee, tegen de lat! Oh no, it’s the crossbar! Do you love football? Is there any better way to get into the orange sports flow than joining the Dutch, watching a football match in a local café? Do you want to get information about local sport facilities? Discuss any sport or get to know specific sports terms? Can you explain the rules of cricket or baseball to a Dutch? Even better, find out where you can meet your sports buddies for running or to play a football match or two on Sunday morning in the park.


Not sure about the sequence of sentences when you speak Dutch? Refine your knowledge of grammar, dot the i’s and cross the t’s, or refresh your comprehension on some grammar subjects that will help you speak and write better. Download our E-book for a grammar overview of most important grammar

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Job interview

How about your Dutch career? Could you use a helping hand in translating your cv and motivation letter? Would you like to practice your job interview? You can learn the specific vocabulary that you will need for your job interview. Be well prepared and start your interview with confidence.

Civic & state exams

Flowently would be very pleased to help you prepare for your civic exam or state exam program I and II. Define your preferences while booking and find a tutor who is specialized in this subject. For information about exams, language levels, invested study time and books, click here. Read our blog: How to speak Dutch tips from a native English speaker