Individual training
for employees

Do you need to improve your language skills for your work or would you want to be able to order a beer at the bar after work? Do you find it challenging to have a social chat with colleagues at the coffee machine? Get started now! Our live and online sessions with a private tutor are available from 8AM – 10PM, 7 days a week.

Learn to navigate daily life and blend into local culture in 30 hours

Flowently offers a 30-hour package to newcomers. What can be more fun and welcoming than meeting up with a private tutor in a cafe in town and learn how to order your drink in Dutch right away? Besides that, you will learn the basics of Dutch pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. In 30 hours we can teach you up to language level A1. That means you can navigate in daily life situations like small conversations in a shop, with a neighbor, order in a cafe or restaurant. Flowently has 200 tutors available in 100 cities, happy to help you find your way in town, culture and customs as well. Meeting locals and learning Dutch by doing in a fun way will help you integrate soon. Sessions can take place in town, at your office or online.

Get better at business conversations

Are you an international and do you want to feel comfortable at work and learn useful Dutch? Are you familiar with the basics of Dutch and ready for your next step? Then the Flowently method can help you efficiently to your next level of understanding and speaking. After an intake we can connect you to the right tutor and you can plan your sessions around your working schedule. We will design a customised program to fit your requirements, goals and working environment. Learn specific vocabulary related to your business and practice your business conversations and social chat at the coffee machine. We can prepare you for civic integration and state exams as well.

What our clients say

Laura – Product manager

I just started learning Dutch with Flowently and it’s working very well: my tutor Nathalie is keen to understand who you are to better adapt her way to teach Dutch. She pays a lot of attention to the pronunciation. I highly recommend Flowently to whoever would like to start learning Dutch!

Stephen – Simultaneous talk

After a wonderful introduction to Dutch with one of Flowenty’s excellent tutors last year, I had neglected my Dutch for some time and decided I needed an intensive weekend in The Hague, eight hours sessions on both days. My program; grammar, social conversation and culture. The days simply flew by with tutor Lara and all my colleagues were most impressed at how much I had learned in only one weekend. I can wholeheartedly recommend Flowently for anyone looking for a Dutch tutor.

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