Learn Dutch at De Balie Grandcafé Amsterdam

Do you want to know what’s hot and new in politics, art, society media and cinema? Plan your next live session with your Flowently tutor in De Balie at Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen at Leidseplein in Amsterdam.

Besides a cozy café, the Balie has a cultural center. Through talk shows, discussions, documentaries, debates and theatre, De Balie mixes several points of view in a wayward and creative fashion. Most discussions will be in Dutch but there are English guest speakers as well. Check De Balie program!

The Grandcafé is also a great spot where you can meet up with your private tutor for learning Dutch. Finished your live session? Check if there is a documentary of your interest with Dutch subtitles, or if you dare, watch a Dutch documentary to test your Dutch skills! The café is open seven days a week and serves good coffee, lunch, a quick bite to eat, drinks or a full-blown dinner. Free Wi-Fi is available and plugs can be found. Veel plezier bij De Balie!

Bunk is a great spot to meet up with your Flowently tutor for a live session. You can stay at Bunk or line out a city tour and explore hidden ‘steegjes, straatjes en hofjes’ or just practice your Dutch shopping skills in the Utrecht street market.

Are you looking for more nice spots in Amsterdam to learn Dutch? Check out our blog about live sessions at the Vondelpark Paviljoen.

Find out more about learning Dutch in Amsterdam or contact us with your questions.

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