Learn Dutch in a cozy café in Utrecht

Imagine learning Dutch in a grand, beautiful restored church just a few minutes away from the busy city center of Utrecht? This is possible at BUNK!

BUNK used to be the Westerkerk, a Reformed Protestant church, from 1893 to 2018. Its doors have reopened as BUNK Utrecht, and the world-renowned organ is still playing. BUNK is the perfect place to order a coffee, pop open your laptop and study all day long.

What many people might not know is that BUNK offers flex-working spots at the balcony, overlooking the restaurant. There you can find productive students and focused business people in the middle of their discussions or zoom meetings. Up here the noise of the restaurant is at the background, but the ‘gezellige’ atmosphere is not far away. At the flex-working spots you can order a refreshing drink or a delicious meal via the QR code. However, we of course encourage you to practice your Dutch and order it on the ground floor at the bar!

Bunk is a great spot to meet up with your Flowently tutor for a live session. You can stay at Bunk or line out a city tour and explore hidden ‘steegjes, straatjes en hofjes’ or just practice your Dutch shopping skills in the Utrecht street market.

Published by: Flowently

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