Learn to speak Dutch like a local, using Flowently’s ‘magic phrases’!

Who doesn’t want to improve their Dutch speaking skills or sound like a local? One of the obstacles is to understand and use all kinds of expressions, sayings and phrases that you cannot find in your textbooks, that the Dutch sprinkle in their daily conversations. That’s what we call ‘magic phrases’ because they’ll make your communications natural, light and smooth. To help you manage this language challenge we daily post a magic phrase of the day on the Flowently website.


Waiting for the waiter?

About to start your first Dutch live session? Then you’re going to meet up with your private tutor in a café in town and you’ll learn your ‘first Dutch magic phrase’. As in most Dutch cafés, the waiter will let you wait some time before you can order your drinks and this time will be spent to learn ‘your first Dutch magic phrase’. When the waiter shows up you’ll be able to order your coffee in a perfect, simple Dutch sentence. Just imagine! Why do we call this a magic phrase? You can use this phrase in any bar, restaurant and shop but also in public transport, in the street, at work, with colleagues and friends to get what you want in a simple and friendly way. Magic phrase help you to navigate daily life in Dutch, Flowently.


That was not in my textbook!

Learning Dutch just from a textbook will simply not be enough. Just think of all the oohs, oops, course nots, slang, street words, expressions and funny sayings in your own language. Piece of cake, but in a new language it’s the cherry on the cake, the salt in the soup, the sauce on the pasta(?) Learning the magic phrases in Dutch and their use, will keep you in the flow. Make the Dutch smile with your ‘helaas pindakaas’ (unfortunately peanut butter) and other crazy expressions. ‘Lach je samen een deuk’, have a good laugh together! By the way ‘een deuk’ is a dent. Forget about logic


In the deep end!

We gooien je meteen in het diepe! We throw you in the deep end! Learning by doing, is our motto. O help? No worries, Flowently tutors are not only great teachers, they’ll operate as your personal language buddy as well. They are eager to help you manage daily life situations and encourage you to actually speak (start speaking?) Dutch. Explore the city with your tutor, discover hidden gems, and improve your Dutch skills on the go. By taking small steps at a time, you will learn to interact in your new language in different environments and increase your confidence.


Does ‘the magic’ work online as well?

Even online learning Dutch is not just a theory at Flowently. Through dialogues and role play, your tutor will teach you useful magic phrases and challenge you to use them in real life settings. Online sessions perhaps are easier to fit in your busy schedule, nevertheless for the Real Flowently Experience, you should try at least one live session with one of our tutors. Nothing beats a Dutch chat over a cup of coffee in a ‘gezellig’ café, lekker bakkie koffie. Curious about the first magic phrase? Find you a tutor and off you go!

Published by: Flowently

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