Tips for a Dutch Summer


Full terraces of people enjoying some drinks to celebrate ‘vakantie’, the holidays, is a classic sight to see in the Dutch Summer. Are you spending your holidays in the Netherlands or abroad? In this article we would like to share a couple of Dutch sights to escape the warm and busy cities we recommend you visit in the Summer. We also mention a couple of tips and tricks to improve your Dutch skills whilst also exploring the country. 




The Openluchtmuseum  – open air museum – in Arnhem is a must-visit to learn about Dutch history and culture. Stories come to life through buildings, activities and artisans. Take a journey through time by experiencing how Dutch people lived and worked in different time periods. Expand your vocabulary by reading and listening to the unique stories in Dutch.




The former island of Schokland is located in the middle of the Noordoostpolder. It is an archaeological monument full of special soil treasures where people lived for centuries battling the elements. Discover the hidden past of World Heritage Schokland and the beautiful nature reserve it is now. There is an interactive museum that hosts exhibitions to demonstrate the fruitful history of Schokland. Cycle or walk around the beautiful nature reserve and be sure to describe your experience to your tutor in Dutch.




Another suggestion is the ‘Blotevoetenpad’ which translates to ‘bare feet path’. The idea is that you walk with your bare feet through a course in nature. Release your inner child and get dirty in the mud whilst also getting your exercise in. At the end of the course there is a possibility to wash your feet and have some drinks at a cafe. These paths are located in several different parts of the Netherlands and very fun to walk. When meeting others along the trails, make sure to use the Magic Phrases of Flowently to practice your Dutch!




The boat to Waddeneilanden already feels like a vacation as you might spot a ‘zeehond’, seal, on your way. The five Wadden islands are located off the Northern Dutch shore and are the perfect place to get some fresh air and relax. The wide ‘stranden’, beaches, and dunes are like something out of a postcard. Do not forget to write a postcard in Dutch and send it to your tutor or Dutch friends to share your Summer!

Especially for diehards who want the real Wadden experience, check this


Happy holidays!


Written by Femke Hettinga

Published by: Flowently

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