Your Daily Dose of Dutch Language Magic


We are thrilled to introduce our latest tool for mastering the Dutch language: The Flowently 365 Dutch Magic Phrases Calendar. Welcome a touch of magic into your daily studies and learn to navigate the complex world of little words and weird Dutch expressions easily and naturally.


Building Dutch Consistency, One Page at a Time

In a world where digital devices are everywhere, we often overlook the simple joy of flipping a physical calendar. As you flip to a new calendar page, it is a daily ritual to add a sprinkle of Dutch Magic to your learning routine. Consistency is key when it comes to learning a language. Through starting each day with a new Dutch ‘Magic Phrase’ you will find yourself incorporating Dutch into your daily life and conversations seamlessly.


Learning Dutch at the coffee machine? Ook een koffietje?

Each day you will uncover a new Dutch phrase or idiom that will make you sound like a local in no time. The phrases are compact and insightful to keep you engaged and excited. You can start your 365 ‘Magic Phrases’ journey at any time of the year, because the ‘calendar’ has no dates. Have you seen all the ‘Dutch Magic Phrases’, go for a second round or pass it on to your expat friends. Want to inspire your colleagues at work? The coffee machine is a perfect social spot for finding the phrase of the day and test it with your Dutch colleagues.


No more ‘In de war!’ No more ‘confused!’

So, will you actually be able to use the phrases from the calendar in real life? Yes, certainly! Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say you have forgotten to write your friend a birthday card, tell them ‘Dat is er helaas bij ingeschoten’, ‘Unfortunately that has come to pass,’ and the Dutchies will understand. Or how to react if your colleague at work says to you ‘Zet ‘m op!’ just before starting your presentation or negotiations? Well, this means ‘Go for it!’ and just a smile will be enough. Or if you saw a brilliant movie, you can say “Schitterend!’ to fit right in with the Dutch locals. The phrases from the calendar are applicable in daily life!


The calendar is available for purchase
in the Flowently e-shop for €24,75.

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Happy Learning Dutch!

Flowently Team



Published by: Flowently

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