Learn Dutch at FOAM – Art Session

Up till now the sessions I had with student Duane were in a café in town or online, but today we are going for a different approach. He’s visited Amsterdam’s most famous museums including the van Gogh, Rijks and Stedelijk. We are now at FOAM, which is housed in a historical building on the elegant Keizersgracht as a result of my invitation to check out some photography expos.

Fuel for an engaging conversation!

Duane speaks at the B2 level. He is capable of both reading and writing fairly difficult stuff. He now has the opportunity to start participating in Dutch conversations. What could be more entertaining than discussing an exhibition you adore, find fascinating, or even repulsive? It is the fuel for a fascinating conversation! What’s more, it expands your vocabulary, improves your conversational skills ánd stimulates you to learn a lot of adjectives that give color to your opinion. Also recommended for beginners.

Please take off your shoes!

We kick off with a taste of the atmosphere and a hot drink in the Museumcafé, before entering the first exhibition room. To give you a sneak preview of the expo’s currently on display, the first exhibition immediately creates awareness when a sign instructs us to take our shoes off for ‘Blessings from Mousganistan’. Looking down somewhat embarrassed at our colored socks, we realize we are walking on a piece of art embedded in the carpet. With his art, the artist Mous Lamrabat demands of the visitor to have a different view on known images and symbols. On sensitive subjects like religion, racism and women rights, the artist creates new stories with humor and esthetics. What do you think of his photographs? Book an Art & Culture session and let’s discuss it, in Dutch!

Is it art?

Back in the museumcafé Duane and I process and discuss what we’ve seen. Fascinerend! Maar is het kunst? Fascinating, but is it art? In my opinion, art is not made just to please and be beautiful. It increases historical awareness and inspires to think. About ourselves, our purposes, our world. Wat vind jij? What do you think?

Foam has a large collection of artwork. Over the years, some 500 works have been collected that can be seen in an exhibition from time to time.

By Nathalie Ezendam Keller





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