How good is your English accent?

You’re a working professional overseas and the language you speak at work has changed from your mother tongue to English. Your English is pretty good but you now and then realize that speaking English on a daily basis in a professional context can be a challenge. Presentations, meetings, phone calls and conversations in the hallway, you’re always alert how you are perceived by others. What is the influence of this new working language on your communication skills? And how about your accent, no problem at all or a struggle?

As a non-native speaker English

You may sometimes wonder…….
How does it sound when I speak English?
Why do I need to repeat everything?
Can my colleagues understand me correctly when it comes to complicated work situations?
Will I be able to speak English as easily and confidentially as my mother tongue?
I’m not the same smart, funny person as in my first language.
I sometimes feel frustrated because I’m not entirely myself when speaking English.
It’s tiring speaking in another language the whole day!

It makes sense that you have these questions and feelings. How to handle this? Training and exercises can help you improve your pronunciation and accent. Practice makes perfect.

Overcome the accent challenge with our English accent training!

Would you like to overcome the frustration, miscommunication and insecurities related to your accent? In a special training we will focus your english speaking skills with our pronunciation exercises. During these exercises we look at your pronunciation skills specifically. What are your struggles and on what specific points do you need to improve.

– What’s your native language and which specific problems occur when speaking English?
– Pace and volume, how do you speak, loudly, softly, fast or slow?
– Sentence structures and the right intonation formulating those sentences.
– Stressed and unstressed words, everything about emphasizing the right syllables.
– Clear articulation, become aware of your ‘English language muscles’
– Overcome limitations and learn to express yourself clearly in English.


How to improve your English accent the Flowently way

In a 30 hours customized private course, a Flowently expert will help you improving your English accent and language skills. Reduce your accent, expand relevant vocabulary and improve confidence. Besides, you will learn useful ‘English magic phrases’ that will give your conversations a natural touch. Learn presenting in English, public speaking and achieve higher productivity at work. When communication is flawless, company performance will increase.

Look at all our courses and topics that can help you improving your English  accent and speaking skills in your own way. If you have any questions please contact us.

By Isabelle Fallenstein

Published by: Flowently

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