Best way to Learn Dutch

What is the best way to learn Dutch? How to start and how not to give up?  How can you keep fresh your motivation when you hardly have a chance to practice your Dutch language skills? That is exactly what Flowently will do for you. Our motto; get real with Dutch! We have no classrooms, but you and your private tutor will meet up in a café, museum, library or park where your ‘live language session’ will take place. This means you are not isolated from society with your study book between four walls, but you are in the middle of a lively realistic situation, surrounded by Dutch – and perhaps some other languages – and there you will learn your first Dutch phrases. On top of that, you will learn to use them right away, from session number one!

Get in the flow

Not sure you’ll dare to do this? We think you can, especially with the method we use to improve pronunciation and speaking skills. Besides the text book, you will be working and studying the necessary vocabulary and grammar in the booklet ‘Taal Tempo Nederlands’. This book is a collection of questions and answers, with and without context. Your tutor will teach you the correct pronunciation of Dutch. We sometimes meet internationals who passed all language exams and understand everything, but the moment they speak Dutch, the Dutch will ask ‘Can you please say it in English?’ Just reading aloud with your tutor, you will learn about emphasis and melody, pick up the Dutch flow and make you speak Dutch like a local. For those who already are more advanced; this is a perfect method to transform your passive understanding into active speaking.

Learning by doing, on the go!

The next step is for you to get out of the café, library or your office, and start practicing your Dutch – with guidance of your tutor – on the go! That means you can go shopping, or visit a museum, or just go for a walk or ride in town. You will learn useful small conversations, for buying and ordering, answering questions and understanding phrases that not always can be found in the study books. At the same time, you can get a private tour in your new place of residence and your tutor will show you secret gems and local treasures.

Frustration willingness

Is it just fun to learn Dutch? Of course not, you might feel very frustrated now and then. In your own language you do have the full scaleto choose from if you want to express yourself. Learning Dutch or any new language means, you start with a very narrow bandwidth, which will extend the more you learn. However, the moment you want to say anything in Dutch, you will be scanning lightning fast what comes closest to what you want to express in the new language. With Flowently you will learn magic phrases, these sayings and expressions will bring humor to this process, break the ice and make you and the Dutch smile. Don’t feel shy to make mistakes, book your session and have fun!

Published by: Flowently

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