Flowently at the expat family market

Representing Flowently at Expat Family Market, tutors and international families shared their experiences. The visitors are all expat-families looking for reinforcement to feel more comfortable and confident with the Dutch language in social interactions in the Netherlands. While their children were decorating our unique hand dolls – that only speak Dutch – the parents were being informed about the customized language sessions Flowently offers.

Flowently’s youngest student

‘Our youngest student is one year old!’ I reply to a family, curious from which age Flowently tutors can teach Dutch. The development of language begins in the very first year of life, through distinguishing and recognizing sounds, imitating and interaction with others. So why not begin with a second language at the age of one? In Rotterdam this is happening at the home of a one year old Chinese boy, where the tutor comes three times a week to play and sing and do all the daily activities accompanied by commentary in Dutch. Everything is communication, playing, eating a biscuit and even changing a diaper! Our young student will effortlessly adapt to Dutch language and Dutch friends, once he will join kindergarten or school.

Settling down, learning Dutch

At the Expat Market many families showed interest in the unique language support Flowently offers. How do families manage with the Dutch language, what is their experience? First communication with the Dutch is easy, as most of them do speak English well and are willing to communicate in English. But once the family is settling down and trying to be part of the community and wants to speak Dutch, this fact makes it a lot harder to learn the language.Flowently therefor offers sessions for parents; you can learn practical Dutch, specific vocabulary and phrases relevant for you as a parent. Besides, your tutor can inform you about local hotspots, do’s and don’ts, and you can learn social conversational  Dutch using real life situations.

It’s a Dutch bargain

A situation a mother at the Expat Market shared with us; her daughter, picking up on Dutch words at school, wants  to practice her newly obtained language at home, leaving mom and daughter frustrated, as mom doesn’t understand a word her daughter is saying to her. As a consequence, creating distance in their relationship. For this family, the mother taking sessions herself could be a great solution. One-to-one with a private tutor, she can learn useful Dutch vocabulary and phrases, at a convenient time when the kids are at school. Step by step the Dutch language will be integrated in the family, and each member will profit. It’s a Dutch bargain!

By Nathalie Ezendam Keller

Published by: Flowently

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