Put On That Spring Feeling!


It’s March and the sun is making its way back to us. It can still be cold and wet but we do want to capture that feeling of spring: easy, light and joyful! Spring is the perfect time to renew your wardrobe. Here are some practical tips on how you can put on that spring feeling.

The effect of clothing

Your clothes influence how you feel. If you wear a clothing item that you associate with bold and confident, you automatically feel self assured and courageous. It happens unconsciously. Take, for example, a well fitted and tightly woven dress in dark blue. When you slip it on, you feel more formal and feminine than in a loose fitted, soft and light pink sweatshirt which is more relaxed. So dress the way you want to feel!

Colours effect how you feel

The colors you wear affect your mood. So if you are tired or feeling down, wear a color that makes you feel happy. This spring we see bright, warm and cheerful colors such as lively coral, warm red, bright yellow and also fresh cobalt blue. For that ultimate spring feeling you only need a small amount of color. Just consider a top under your jacket, cardigan or colorful scarf, handbag or earrings. Small details have a huge impact on the way you look and feel.

Think, choose well and shop carefully!

Isn’t it nice always nice to buy something new every season? Before making a new purchase, do choose well and ask yourself: does it have the perfect fit and fabric, does it project the image you want, can you easily combine it with your existing wardrobe and do you really need it? Is it durable? Buy quality over quantity! Then you’ll have lasting pleasure everytime you wear the item you bought. Happy Spring!

Carina Personal Styling is a personal style and image company. We advise professional men and women create personal impact through image and dress. We teach professionals how to effectively use their clothing as a strategic tool. We help clients put together outfits and make fashion choices. We provide personalized styling advice and in-company workshops. And we organize pop-up designer sales where you can try on and buy clothes on Saturday April 6th and Sunday April 7th.
For more information just go to https://www.carinapersonalstyling.com.

written by: Flowently

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