Is it only fun & strolling around with Flowently?
If that is what you prefer, you can! But in general we will advice you to bring or buy a study book, to be sure you’ll cover all important grammar subjects, extend vocabulary in order to achieve your language goals. We believe that a clear and simple explanation of useful grammar subjects will support your learning by doing and speaking skills. Is grammar ‘just not for you’? Then book a Social Conversational Session and focus on speaking skills only.

Books we recommend because of Dutch – English vocabulary lists and online exercises for self-study:
Nederlands in gang – level A0 – A2
Nederlands in actie – level A2 – B1
Nederlands op niveau – level B1 – B2
Taal Tempo Nederlands – for all levels, improve pronunciation and speaking
For those who are fond of grammar, Klare Taal, uitgebreide basisgrammatica NT2
Do you have study books already? You can bring them to your sessions and don’t need to buy any new books.
Contact us for information about study books for other languages.
You can order these books directly on our site, click on Books & guides.


Do you want to improve your conversational skills and speak Dutch like a native?
Refine your knowledge of grammar and syntax with the use of Taal Tempo Nederlands.
After a few weeks of training you’ll notice a difference and feel more confident to speak.
In our sessions we also use it as a warming-up of your ‘Dutch muscles’.
Let your tutor show you how you can work with this book. Highly recommended!
This study method is also available for English, French, Spanish, Italian & German.
Read more about this method in our blog article.