Hi there, my name is Anja and I am the founder of Flowently.
I started Link Taal Studio in 2000 where I have been teaching Dutch to expats in Amsterdam for quite some years. Here, I noticed that the greatest struggle for those who are learning a language is to put what you learn into practice; the question ‘ How do I use what I have learned in a classroom in real life and start feeling comfortable in my new language?’ is also the most frequently asked one.

Searching for a fresh approach to close this gap, wondering how we can make learning a
language more practical, flexible, interesting, social and more fun, I have created a new concept.
‘Learn a language in a real life situation with the guidance of a personal tutor in your city.’
Flowently’s customised sessions teach you what is relevant to you, where and when you want.

Our number of enthusiastic students – and tutors – is growing every month.
Internationals love the freedom Flowently offers: no fixed hours and programmes, but learn what you want
with a friendly local tutor, wherever & whenever, and be guided in your new town and culture.
It is our mission to make you feel at home.
Our company slogan:

Make reality your best fantasy!