Workshop Culturally Sensitive
Working in Dutch Healthcare

Due to staff shortages in the healthcare sector, hospitals and healthcare institutions are increasingly recruiting employees from other countries, within and outside the European Union. Foreign healthcare personnel are not only confronted with a different language but also a different culture. Flowently will ensure that your healthcare staff understands both and can get started quickly.

Diversity & challenges in healthcare

In order to function properly and be able to provide high-quality care, a complete preparation program for foreign healthcare personnel is essential, in addition to knowledge of the Dutch language. It is important that the professionals are aware of Dutch culture and society, which can differ considerably from that of their country of origin. Healthcare professionals in the Netherlands deal on a daily basis with a wide variety of patients in terms of culture, religion, personality, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation and physical and mental disabilities. Working in the diverse Dutch healthcare landscape means that healthcare personnel need to be aware of cultural, biological, psychological and social aspects and that this knowledge plays a role in the anamnesis, diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Navigating your way through daily life

With the Workshop Culture-sensitive working in Dutch healthcare you will learn in which context you will apply the newly acquired language skills. The Workshop focuses on being able to communicate and collaborate professionally and socially with patients and colleagues in the daily practice of the Dutch healthcare sector. The training can be adapted to any desired level of education and type of care sector and can be offered as part of a language course or as a separate Workshop.

What do you learn in the training?

• The most important characteristics and values of Dutch culture and society
• The different forms of diversity you can encounter in contact with colleagues and patients
• How the background of patients and your own plays a role in the provision of care
• What problems you may experience when working with colleagues and patients from diverse backgrounds
• You learn what culture-sensitive work is and the power of a culture-sensitive professional Attitude

Structure of the training

✓ 3 sessions on location of 3 hours spread over 6 weeks, as part of an intensive language training.
✓ (Optional) homework assignments.
✓ The meetings on location are filled with many practical assignments and exercises in which interaction is central to achieving the intended learning objectives.
✓ Led by a Flowently expert in this field..

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