Speak Dutch Easily

Would you ever be able to speak Dutch as easily as your mother tongue? Or is this only for people who grew up bilingual? Is it necessary for you to step down to a children’s language level to express yourself? And for how long will you stay there? Or even worse, will you ever get to a ‘normal’ level and be able to express yourself as you actually are? Let’s take a closer look at what happens when you start learning and speaking a new language.

It’s a long way to Mississippi

Do you perhaps know children, who started to learn how to read and write? Observe them! See how fast they move from completely stumbling and struggling to reading funny and simple kids stories. What do kids and you have in common to language learning? You can learn a lot from reading simple stories. What is the difference between you and a child? A child is happy and proud with each simple step, and you want to be able to communicate in your new language as in your mother tongue. You want to express the smart, funny, intelligent, original individual you are, and you notice this is not possible. When you start learning Dutch, your vocabulary is limited to the first chapters in your text book. How long will it take before you’ll be able to have a simple, but important social interaction in Dutch? What will be the effect of your weekly classes? How will you overcome your shame and fear for misunderstanding and making mistakes?

Obstacles versus challenges

Learning Dutch the Flowently way, what does that mean? No more boring classrooms, wasting time and getting annoyed by standard school procedures. However, you can learn Dutch with your own private tutor in a local café at flexible times. With Flowently you will not only learn theory, but put into practice what you have learned using real life situations. You will be working in a Dutch text book, because this is a well-structured way to expand your vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. Besides that, you will learn handy phrases that you can use right away. A Flowently tutor is more than a language teacher, it is your personal language guide and buddy, who will help you feel at home. Is ordering a coffee in Dutch an obstacle for you? Simple things like ordering, paying, small chit chat in a shop or with your neighbor; learning by doing with the guidance of your tutor, will make you speak Dutch easily. On top of that, you will learn how to use Flowently’s repertoire of ‘magic phrases’ in a fun way, as an emergency kit.

Your daily stuff

Are you a dentist, or an IT expert, do you work in finance, or are you opening your own nail studio? You might want to join the football team in the public park on Saturday, but you do not know how to approach locals and socialize in their mother language. This is an occurrence in each professional and social field, since each setting has its own vocabulary, in the form of words, sayings, expressions and specific phrases. Flowently will not wait working on your special language needs until you have reached level A1 or A2.  From the very first session you will learn simple, handy and important phrases that you can use for communication with clients and colleagues. Flowently sessions will be tailored to your personal needs, and you can study at your own pace. The result? You’ll be able to deal better with your daily language issues. Furthermore, people will notice your effort and appreciate your attempts and willingness to be able to speak Dutch and be more considerate to your situation and level of proficiency. Your confidence will increase; you will learn to manage situations that would have blown you away previously. You will find yourself in the process of feeling more integrated, and being able to participate in Dutch life effortlessly. Just do it! Gewoon doen!

written by: Flowently

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