Snap your city & learn Dutch

Improve your Dutch skills while taking photos with your smartphone

Wouldn’t it be great to combine learning a new language with doing something you love, like taking pictures? That’s exactly what we will be doing! What do photography and learning a new language have in common? First of all, both our cameras and dictionaries are now available on our smartphones. A word you don’t know can therefore immediately be looked up on your phone. Second of all, our everyday clicks are instantly shared with friends and families.

What is a ‘Snap your city session’?

It is exactly what it says. We will go on a walk through some of the gorgeous locations the Netherlands has to offer. One of the first things we will ask you to do, is to change the language settings on your phone to the target language you are learning. During our walk, we will discuss together how to take better pictures mixed with daily life conversations, depending on what your language goals are. Time flies when you are learning something you love!

Fresh air and eyes

Would you like to get professional advice for taking better pictures? If so, you can select the topic ‘Art & culture’ and find a tutor who is a professional photographer. Or would you like to visit a specific beautiful area in The Netherlands that is foreign to you? Check out our list of cities, you can find our tutors in over 100 locations in The Netherlands. It might also be fun to explore your hometown with a fresh pair of eyes. Your local tutor can probably guide you to hidden gems or spots in town.

Let us take you on a photo walk to your favorite corner of this country, where you will not only take scenic pictures with your smartphone, but also learn a new language on the go. If we come across a word that needs to be looked up urgently, we can do so in an instant!

Last but not least

Put on your face mask and respect the 1,5 metres distance during your session. Safety first. Take care and enjoy!

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