Snap your city!

Improve your Dutch skills while taking photos with your smartphone

Wouldn’t it be great to combine learning a new language with doing something you love, like taking pictures? That’s exactly what we will be doing! What do photography and learning a new language have in common? First of all, both our cameras and dictionaries are available on our smartphones. A word you don’t know can therefore immediately be looked up on your phone. Second of all, our everyday clicks are instantly shared with friends and families.

Expand your vocabulary

 One of the first things we will ask you to do, is to change the language settings on your phone to the language you are learning. During our walk, we will discuss together how to take better pictures mixed with daily life conversations, depending on your language level. Subjects for taking pictures? This can be anything! Street names that you cannot pronounce, articles and products in shops or shop windows, traffic signs and texts in the street, art, headlines in newspapers, buildings, situations. Want to make it more challenging, then you can decide to choose a theme.

 Over a cup of coffee

Ready taking pictures? Then it’s time for a coffee in a cafe where tutor and student can share and discuss their pictures. What it is, what can you use it for, or do with it? Can you describe the situation, why did you choose this subject? Enough food for ideas and discussions, learning to express yourself in the new language. Let us take you on a photo walk and discover hidden gems in town!

Published by: Flowently

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