Why expat parents should learn Dutch

Let’s assume you’ve arrived in the Netherlands with your family. Now everyone feels happy and overwhelmed by all new impressions! Living in a new house, town, a new language and culture, a new job and for the kids a new school with new teachers and friends. Perhaps your child has some difficulty connecting with classmates at the new school and Dutch language seems to be an obstacle. No worries about that, you’ve solved it very well with a Flowently tutor coming to your home for weekly Dutch language sessions, learning by playing for the small one. For your oldest there is a customized learning program as well including online learning. At your work and in the street, everyone seems to speak English, so far, so good.


No need to learn this difficult language, right? Well, there is! Why is it recommended to learn Dutch yourself as well? When learning Dutch with your child simultaneously you will be able to support your child’s learning process. Learning Dutch and practice it in simple daily life situations will become a natural habit within the family and this will stimulate the learning process of your child enormously. Parents have a major impact on their child’s cognitive development, language and social skills. This also applies to learning a new language. Kids are like sponges with feelers, they absorb what you tell them, including your unspoken emotions.


Feelings of insecurity you might have of your own, about interactions in a shop, on the phone, in contact with your child’s teacher or parents at school, unconsciously influences your child. Feeling confident and relaxed in the process of learning Dutch and integrating in your new environment yourself, will boost your child’s confidence. Being able to support your child in confusing ‘lost in translation’ situations, will make your child’s ‘feeling home in the new country process’ more natural and easy.


While you are having fun learning Dutch with the guidance of your private Flowently tutor, when and where at your convenience, you are making hay while the sun shines. Now you can practice Dutch in a playful way with your child, and your mutual learning process has started. Kids see their parent as their idols, just imagine what an impact you can have! Learning Dutch is not only about learning the language but the key to a successful landing in your new country, and lots of fun together!

Written by Nathalie Ezendam Keller

written by: Flowently

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