Orange Madness: Dutch Coloured Support for National Teams

Why does Holland turn orange during the European Championships?

So, you surely have found out by now that orange is the national color of the Netherlands. But why is this? Royal Family The Dutch royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau, has its roots in the small former principality of Orange in France. When this principality merged with the German Kingdom of Nassau, the royal lineage became known as the House of Orange-Nassau. However, the color orange is most prominently used to express national pride and support for Dutch sports teams, particularly during major events.

National Sport Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the Netherlands, with 1,2mln people hitting the football pitches each weekend. It has produced many famous players, like Johan Cruyff, Ruud Gullit, Dennis Bergkamp, Marco van Basten and Robin van Persie (to name just a few). Major tournaments like the European Championships take place and the Dutch team participates, a palpable excitement spreads throughout the country.

EC 2024 Germany This month, the European Championships are being held in Germany, and the Dutch football team has advanced from the group stages to the knockout rounds. Initially, the Dutch might be hesitant and even a bit cynical about their team’s chances, but as the tournament progresses and the team’s prospects improve, the national mood shifts to one of optimism and enthusiasm.

Everything Orange So, how do the Dutch show their support for their national football team? They dig into their wardrobes and start wearing orange items. Streets and neighborhoods often get together to decorate their houses and hang orange banners crisscrossing above.

One of the most iconic displays of support is the “Orange March” to the stadium. Dutch football supporters create a miles-long human wave of orange as they walk towards the venue, creating a striking and vibrant display of national pride.

Unity for once For non-Dutch people staying in the Netherlands during these events, it might seem peculiar to see such a strong visual and cultural expression tied to a color. However, this tradition unites the Dutch and enhances the communal spirit during major sports events.

Orange isn’t just a color; it’s a symbol of national identity and pride, bringing people together in a shared celebration of their team’s efforts and achievements.

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Orange Madness: Dutch Coloured Support for National Teams

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