Learn Dutch online & find your Dutch friend!

Are you learning Dutch online, individually or in a group? Do the following thoughts sometimes cross your mind: ‘I’m learning Dutch online but I actually never speak Dutch. I dare not to speak Dutch in real life as I feel ashamed to make a mistake. I could perhaps start a simple conversation, but if people respond in Dutch, I’ll get lost. I don’t get a chance to speak Dutch, because ‘they’ don’t let me speak Dutch. How will I ever be able to speak Dutch?’

Daredevils only?

Do you need to be a real daredevil to speak Dutch? Is it only for gifted language heroes to pass the threshold to speak Dutch in real life? We, at Flowently, don’t think so. From and in online lesson number one, you will be able to speak some useful simple Dutch. Moreover, you will learn easy-to-use ‘magic phrases’ to get around in simple conversations in bars and shops. Besides, we have a special method to teach you the perfect Dutch pronunciation, as to make you understandable to the Dutch and turn you into a real native speaker. We combine our ‘learning by doing’ method with simple basic grammar rules, that will help you find the logic of the Dutch language. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes!

‘Navigate daily life!’

That is exactly what you want, isn’t it? To be able to have a little chat with your neighbor or colleague? In our online lessons we will encourage you to find your own Dutch language friend. ‘Where do I find my Dutch friend?’ This can be the girl at the bakery, or a vendor in the street market, the guy at the checkout in the super market, your coffee to go friend, everyone is eligible. ‘How do I start making a Dutch friend?’ With the Flowently method it is possible to find a friendly local with whom you can start simple conversations with, like ordering and paying in Dutch. When the conversation develops and you run out of words, ask your Flowently tutor what to say next time. Gewoon doen! Just do it!

Isuert’s story

‘As usual, I went to the market to buy some fresh fish. This time around, I decided to put into practice what I had learned so far in the Dutch course. So, I started talking with the vendor in Dutch. ‘Mag ik twee stuks zeebaars alsjeblieft? – I asked. The seller kindly picked ‘twee mooie zeebaarzen’ and asked something like ‘schoonmaken?’ I froze a bit just like the shrimps in the seller stand, but then I understood from the context that he asked to clean them. ‘Ja, hoor’ I said and the seller started cleaning the fishes. A colleague of him understood that I was not a native Dutch speaker so he asked me what language I normally speak. “Ik spreek Engels en Albanees. Ik kom uit Albanië” I said. Then we continued talking in English and Dutch until the other vendor finished cleaning the fish. It was a friendly talk! The other vendor came back with the cleaned fish and I asked him for some ‘verse garnalen’ as well. When he asked how much I needed, I replied with a bit of hesitation ‘…een hand of deze en een hand of deze!’, pointing to the 2 different kind of shrimps that he had in the stand. He picked them up and packed them and then I told him ‘Dank je wel! Dit is alles. Mag ik pinnen alsjeblieft?’. He kindly reached out with the terminal and stated the price and I scanned my card. Then I left saying ‘Fijne dag! Doeiii!’ to the both vendors. This is how I survived in the market with my basic Dutch. It was a great experience!’

PS – We are very proud of you, Isuert! Ga zo door!


written by: Flowently

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