5 Tips to learn business English in no time

Learning business English is worth it. Why? You express yourself better and others understand you better. This will give you more self-confidence. How do you learn business English? And how do you do that as quickly as possible? Besides business English language training, you can also take the initiative to learn business English independently. Keep reading for 5 tips to learn business English in no time.

Tip 1: read business articles in English

Several studies conclude that the vocabulary is larger among people who like to read. If you read from an early age, it will likely continue into adulthood. Fortunately, you can still develop a love for reading and learning new words even after your childhood.

Read business articles or blogs in English. Preferably also with topics from your field. Which words are common? What sentence structure do you see? But also: do you understand the context of the text? The more you read, the faster you recognize terms.

Tip 2: set a goal

If you don’t practice, nothing will change. So, you have to set achievable goals for yourself. Learning works even better when you set deadlines. This way you challenge yourself to remember words faster. For example:

● Read 2 business articles every week.
● Look up a word from your field each day and add it to a list.
● Read this list every day and say words aloud.
● After a month, practice saying everything about subject X from your field.

Tip 3: listen to English podcasts

In the wonderful world of podcasts, you are sure to find one that is about your field. For example, one with interviews with experts. These experts use jargon. This way you learn new vocabulary and you hear how to pronounce words. There are also podcasts where they help you to learn English, this is also something you can try while you are on your bike or in your car.

Tip 4: practice speaking business English out loud

Tip 4 is a logical extension to tip 3, and speaking out loud is always important when learning a new language. So is business English. Do you learn words? Then it is not enough to ‘say’ this in your head. So, say them out loud. If you practice your speaking skills, you will soon give that presentation with much more confidence.

Tip 5: Talk with colleagues

You may prefer not to speak to your English colleague until you have mastered business English. But it is precisely by talking to them that you improve your business English. In a conversation, you will learn how to ask questions or give correct answers. In addition, they can help you improve your vocabulary by asking them for the right word. Your colleague will really understand if you are still learning business English.

Business language training lectures for you?

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand with which you wish to master business English in one go. You have to study, practice, and, above all, challenge yourself in difficult speaking situations. During a business English course with Flowently you expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. You put together your own learning program with your tutor, called your Language Toolbox, so that you can speak business English in no time!

We offer 2 packages: learn business English individually or in a group. Prefer to opt for individual lessons? Then we will set up your personal Language Toolbox together, for example with common sentences, answers, jargon and, of course, standard explanations. In group lessons, up to 8 participants receive a course in business English. This is perfect for businesses.

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