Zensa Reinink

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BACKGROUND: Anthropology / Language & Culture

Hi, my name is Zensa. I am a student Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at the university in Nijmegen. My interests vary from food and nature related subjects, to history, culture and society. I am interested in languages as well. I think learning a language broadens your perspective, gives you means to communicate to a larger group of people and gives you the opportunity to learn about a different culture.

I would be very pleased to assist you (or your child) to learning Dutch or help you improve your language skills!

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1 review for Zensa Reinink

  1. postaildi1 (verified owner)

    Zensa is very kind, attentive and patient, and with this, she creates a space for learning where I dare to ask lots of questions and I am not afraid of making mistakes. This makes the learning process enjoyable and fast. I learn at my own pace and I learn about topics that I choose. Being able to take charge of my own learning is very empowering. Thank you Zensa, your support is invaluable!

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