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Violet Simi

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BACKGROUND: Administrative Law / Interpreter Dutch-Farsi

Hi, I am Violet. As your personal tutor I wil be by your side to help you with learning and understanding the Dutch language and culture of this little country “kikkerlandje”, much better. I live in Barendrecht (near Rotterdam) but I work in the Hague at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. So if you like to visit and explore one of those cities you can count on me. At the Immigration and Naturalisation Service I have worked as an interpreter Dutch/Farsi for six years and I have also worked at the commission of complaints about interpreters.

There are three things you don’t know about me.:

– I enjoy to teach the Dutch language;
– I love to meet people from other cultures;
– I was born and grew up in Holland but I have Persian roots.

I am looking forward to see you soon!

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1 review for Violet Simi

  1. birgit.probst (verified owner)

    When I had my first lesson with Violet I have already reached a level somewhere slightly above A1, but did not dare to speak any Dutch at all because I was afraid of making mistakes. Violet helped me a lot by strictly keeping the whole language session in Dutch and thereby forcing me to just speak the language. Also, she gave me a lot of confidence in speaking the language in and outside of my workplace. I can tell that she is both passionate about teaching languages and learning new languages herself which gives a real benefit to her students. Also, I admire her patience and precision when working on my pronunciation, an area of the Dutch language that I have neglected in my self-studies. Currently, I am meeting Violet once a week for 1.5 hours in the library and am always looking forward to these sessions. Me and also my Dutch working colleagues can clearly see my fast progress with the language. Violet is guiding me through the learning process and I really enjoy having the possibility to intensively work on my language skills with her. For me it is the first time that I am taking private language lessons and I am very pleased with the progress so far. Violet is taking great care of my learning process and every minute of the lesson is wisely spent.

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