Teun Janssen

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BACKGROUND: History / European Studies

Hi there!

I am Teun , the pronunciation of which will be one of the first fun Dutch sounds you will get acquainted with! I am currently in the third year of my History BA at the University of Groningen, but am originally from the city of Maastricht in the south (My soft pronunciation of otherwise harsh Dutch vowels will make your lessons all the easier!) I have a fascination for global politics and the European Union. Other than that , I play piano and love to dance.

I followed a bilingual program in my high school years and have obtained a Higher Learning certificate in the Language and Literature course of the International Bacclaureate , giving me a broad command of the English language and academic literature. I have been a language tutor at Flowently for two years, and have provided lessons to over 10 individual students and for larger groups at in-company sessions.

I love interacting with people from all kinds of different cultural and philosophical backgrounds (especially if they are directly opposed to mine) , also through my extensive experience with Model United Nations, and am always up for long , open discussions about anything that makes the clock of life tick for you. I will extensively incorporate such cultural reflections in our lessons since I belief this is just as important as gaining a technical command of the language.

I am looking forward to helping you develop your language skills so that you can have as good a time in this wonderful and open country as anyone.

See you soon!


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7 reviews for Teun Janssen

  1. mikeljaimerena (verified owner)

    Great first few lessons with Teun, very dinamic and enjoyable. Totally recommendable!

  2. Jerome (verified owner)

    Fun session today with a history lesson, all in Dutch!

  3. Jerome (verified owner)

    I’ve now been learning Dutch with Teun for 2 months and I am enjoying his teaching style and dedication. Fun, engaging and instructive. I feel I am making progress.

  4. Jerome (verified owner)

    Great connection and good structure. Excellent so far 🙂

  5. valentina.trombetti (verified owner)

    Pragmatic, flexible!

  6. valentina.trombetti (verified owner)

    Great lesson!thanks!

  7. valentina.trombetti (verified owner)

    Good first lesson!

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