Steven Scheerooren

BACKGROUND: teacher / tourguide


My name is Steven, I’m a Dutch native (originally from the southern part of the country) with 4 years of experience in teaching foreign languages to students of all ages. Others have described me as passionate and patient, particularly in regards to different cultures. I have (very) broad interests, so whatever your personal field of expertise or hobby might be, I would be happy to focus on it in our sessions.

Aside from teaching, I also work as a tourguide in Holland -privately- and Japan -professionally-, which is why I love Flowently’s method of “live learning”.
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  1. Guido Boysen

    Steven heeft onze 6 jarige zoon op spelenderwijs via Skype Nederlands op groep 3 niveau geleerd. Hij is toegankelijk, flexibel en geduldig en maakt de lessen interessant voor kinderen van deze leeftijdsgroep. Ik raad hem zeer aan
    Steven has been teaching our 6 year old son up to the Dutch level group 3 through Skype in a playful way. He is very accessible, flexible and patient and knows how to make the online lessons interesting for kids of this age.

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