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Savanna Vaessen

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BACKGROUND: Journalism / Language & Cultural Studies

Hi there! My name is Savanna and I’m in love with languages. I’ve got a degree in journalism and took some University classes on linguistics. Dutch is my native language, with English being a close second.

10 facts about me:
1. I speak some German, French and Welsh, but I’m definitely not fluent in those languages
2. I’m an avid reader
3. I love music, The Script is one of my favorite bands
4. I enjoy baking and Adriano Zumbo is my pastry hero
5. I’ve played in a drumcorps. I played the flute and the marimba (a really big xylophone)
6. I would love to learn Spanish and Sign language
7. I’m a nature person, and I like going for walks
8. I’m also a dog person, but I do like all animals
9. I love traveling! There are so many places to see
10. I’m still into Disney movies, they’re magic

I would love to help you in any way I can, with any problems you may encounter regarding the Dutch language and culture. I’m looking forward to meeting you over tea (or coffee of course)

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1 review for Savanna Vaessen

  1. Claudia (verified owner)

    Savanna is a great tutor! She is extremely patient and has a gentle way of correcting my mistakes, without making me feel foolish. She gives me confidence to try out conversations and also provides important cultural insights into Dutch communication and regular behavior in social environments. Her approach is to work alongside you which I find very effective, because the questions I ask are relatable to me, my situations and surroundings. I believe that her approach has enabled me to make rapid progress, and I find that I have gained confidence and understanding enough to start having short conversations with people. Savanna has substantial academic knowledge of English and Dutch so she is able to provide the grammatical background to the use of the Dutch language. I look forward to completing my remaining sessions with Savanna, and I can definitely recommend her as tutor.

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