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Sabine van Gool

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BACKGROUND: Master Dutch Law / International Civil Law / QSHE Consultant

Hi there, are you looking for a tutor with patience? A tutor who knows what it’s like to find your way in another country and insert in a different culture than your own? Well, learning the language is an important step to take. And you are doing just that!
You know, completing part of my Law Studies at the University of Bologna in Italy, it is my experience that interacting with locals is a very effective way of learning a language.
So let’s dive into practical daily life situations. You will learn, improve your Dutch and have fun at the same time!

About me:
I was born, raised in the Netherlands and I’m a Dutch native speaker. I’ve got family roots in Indonesia.
I like travelling and I’m very interested in other cultures, including trying foods from different countries. MKR Australia is my favourite cooking programme.
Music is another one of my hobbies and I play a little bit of drums myself. I’m a sporty type and playing tennis is big passion. Currently I’m deepening my coaching skills as an addition to my work as a consultant/coach.

Just remember: every step you take will make a change!
I will be happy to guide you along. So feel welcome to book me for a tutor session.

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3 reviews for Sabine van Gool

  1. valeriomoccia (verified owner)

    I have had lessons with Sabine for several months. I can just say that she is a great teacher and a great friend. She speaks Italian fluently and this was very helpful for me. I learned and improved my Dutch thanks to her professional skills and her patience. The lessons around the city were incredibly exciting. Thank you, grazie, hartelijk bedankt.

  2. maya.barda2605 (verified owner)


  3. Nathan (verified owner)

    We have had lessons with Sabine for a few months now and she has been a very good teacher for us. She is able to flex her teaching whether it is ‘out and about’ or more theory based. we look forward to continuing our studies with her.

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