Renka van Esch

BACKGROUND: Actrice, Dentist assistent

Hi there!

Allways wondered what it means when the dutch say ‘he he’, ‘ja ja’, ‘zo zo’ or ‘poe poe’? I can teach you all about those little weird dutch phrases and more!

My name is Renka and I was born and raised in Haarlem. For my work and hobby I teach and play improvisation theatre. The most important rule in improv is that you can’t succeed without making mistakes. That’s the same with learning a new language!

Besides from acting, I like to cook, garden, visit a play or a movie and take walks in nature and ofcourse in the beautiful city Haarlem. So if you would like to improve your dutch and join me for a tea or coffee with a stroopwafel, let me know!

P.S. You can start your dutch lessons right away by figuring out how to pronounce my last name ?

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