Olga Karageorgiou

BACKGROUND: International Relations / Coach & Trainer

Hi! I am Olga
I am a youth worker & trainer of non-formal education. My background is at International Relations, which I studied at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I come from!
Now I live in Deventer and I travel all over the world to deliver training of non-formal education.

I have a lot of experience in non-formal education projects as well as coaching, training and personal development. I love internationals since I am one of them myself. And I also love learning other languages!!! Currently, I speak 3 perfectly. But in the past, I have learned even more…

Except for loving to learn other languages, I LOVE sharing them with others as well as to support other people in their development. My love for languages and helping others to learn them as well led me at offering languages courses through Flowently!!!

Are you up for the adventure of learning a new language? And would you like to do it with the support of an experience non-formal educator? In a fun way? While enjoying?
If the answer is yes, send me a PM and we will make a plan!

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