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Nienke Vermij

BACKGROUND: Teacher Primary School

My name is Nienke Vermij and it is with great pleasure that I put my name on the Flowently website.
I like the Dutch language, I have taught it for a long time ; many years to children in primary education and more recently to adults from other countries. I am a patient, open minded, creative and enthusiastic person. The Flowently method is a great way to practice Dutch in daily life situations. It would be my pleasure to help you with that.

My place of residence is Den Helder, a small town near the sea and the ports of the ferry to Texel, the navy and fishery. During a walk on the dike you’ll have a beautiful view. Our library is world famous and the Rescue Museum is also worth a visit. There is plenty to do in Den Helder and surroundings. I’ll be your guide and you can improve your Dutch with me.

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