Nathalie Ezendam Keller

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BACKGROUND: Portrait photographer & Yoga teacher

Hi, I am Nathalie,
your local native tutor,
Raised in Amsterdam at the Prinsengracht (Canal of the Princes).
I’m a kind of experience expert: as a previous expat in Paris, studying French at the Sorbonne, and studying Photography and working in Barcelona.
I’m familiar with speaking (and listening to) other languages.

I will be happy to help you ánd your children to feel more comfortable speaking the Dutch language.
After several sessions with me, it will be like riding a bicycle.

I am a mother of two teenage boys and
as a yoga teacher and portrait photographer making people feel comfortable in their surroundings is what I do every day.

I will show you around in my city and walking, or by bike, tram or boat I will help you to speak the Dutch language while enjoying a coffee,
a Hollandse Nieuwe (herring the Dutch way), or a freshly made stroopwafel (waffle) from the Albert Cuyp market.
If you haven’t tried these Dutch delicacies yet, we will taste them together; it will help you to get a better taste of our language too.

My availability is flexible, so don’t hesitate to contact me.
If you wish to meet outside the indicated schedule,
just book a session and we will work it out.

I look forward to meeting you!

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4 reviews for Nathalie Ezendam Keller

  1. Sylvain and Graziella

    Our family has just arrived in Amsterdam and we have started lessons with Nathalie since 1 month. She really adapts to our needs in terms of schedule and of content. We meet in a café and she focuses on the everyday-life Dutch by using texts but also videos or songs to make it funnier.
    Our 2 children have also their particular timeslots at home in which she adds games and competition to make it more attractive. The perfect mix of pedagogy and flexibility.

  2. sophie_dauba (verified owner)

    I’m Sophie, a French beginner in Dutch but lover of languages !
    I started late August 2020 learning Dutch with Nathalie (online sessions only) and it’s working very well: Nathalie is keen to understand who you are to better adapt her way to teach Dutch. She has lots of availability slots which is also helping a lot to book sessions.
    She pays a lot of attention to the pronounciation and gives many examples to better remember the sounds.
    I highly recommend Nathalie to whoever would like to start learning Dutch !

  3. vilma.bagdonaite (verified owner)

    Me and my friend have started studying with Nathalie a month ago. We found Nathalie very refreshing and inspiring, very proactive in finding ideas on how to structure the classes particularly during the period of social distancing. We have started with Online lessons which were very good and mixed in some face to face lessons in the cafe after it became possible. We would highly recommend her as she is very dedicated and professional at what she does. Cinzia and Vilma

  4. Miroslav Bucek (verified owner)

    I have started studying with Nathalie in January to improve my spoken Dutch and refresh some of the key grammar concepts. We started to meet up in the café and I really enjoy relaxed atmosphere of meeting in café in the city while improving my Dutch.
    Nathalie also makes lessons very interactive and uses variety of exercises to focus on improving all aspects of the language. I really enjoy writing exercises that help me to expend my vocabulary. After few months of studying with Nathalie I feel more confident in speaking Dutch in my regular day to day life. It has been great experience which I can recommend.

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