Nathalie des Tombe

BACKGROUND: PR & Journalism / Marketing

Hello there,
My name is Nathalie, I live and work in Haarlem, a city close to Amsterdam. I am a professional teacher and a mom of three children and a little dog ?
Like you I have also lived abroad and I know the struggles when learning a foreign language. I have many years of teaching experience; both online, private and in classes. Mostly in Dutch communication and correspondence. Besides my teaching job I would love to help you, your spouse or your children to learn Dutch in a more practical setting. For instance while we explore Haarlem and surroundings. We can practice in various settings: outdoors, in a cafe, while walking the dog, doing shopping, etcetera. Or indoors in my study, through skype etcetera. In other words, there are many possibilities for me to help you learn our beautiful language in a practical setting.

Hope to see you soon, so we can get started!


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