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Milou Tijmensen

BACKGROUND: Law / Applied Sciences


Hallo! I am Milou, and here to explore the Dutch language and culture together with you!
I graduated in law in Groningen and have worked as a contract manager in the social domain. Currently I am orienting myself in what way I would like to contribute best to our society. In my spare time I love having good discussions about any topic you want (the best way to learn new things!) and above all I like to explore new coffee spots where ever I am when not climbing walls.

When living in Seoul, South Korea and travelling other cultures, I experienced the whole challenge of a culture shock and a different language. Besides that I have worked as a legal writing coach. I found I love to teach others and am amazed by the skills people possess to learn a new language.

I am looking forward to help you to get to know our weird language and fun culture! And of course the beauty of our city Groningen.

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