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BACKGROUND: HBO Jungian psychology education, Corporate & Executive Coaching Program, HBO Communications, NLP Practitioner course

So nice to meet you! My name is Milagros; a blend of two amazing worlds. I was born in Peru and raised in the Netherlands, which enables me to understand other views of the world, appreciate differences and be adaptable to change. As I once said; I can live everywhere in the world and feel at home! And so I did in Australia and USA!

I am a multilingual and well-travelled individual who seeks to explore new surroundings and live new experiences. I seek for style and quality in everything. I enjoy beauty, style and comfort, spontaneous gatherings with friends and family, good laughs and meaningful conversations. Making a true connection is important to me.

My professional experience lies in Corporate Communications with international (financial) companies where I worked closely with professionals with different cultural backgrounds. Since July 2017, I am the CEO/founder of The Milagros Group; a multilingual company that provides continuous growth and development to help international professionals and expats achieve high performance by improving their productivity and efficiency, both personally and professionally.

As a career and leadership coach, I am highly-dedicated to my clients’ success and so I will as your tutor!
I believe we should share knowledge in order to grow and to help others grow! I possess the knowledge and skills to help you improve your Dutch or Spanish language skills so you can bring your message across with great confidence!

Expect to be inspired, encouraged and challenged to go the extra mile so you can exceed your own expectations and feel great about your language improvements!

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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1 review for Milagros Paredes Mattos

  1. Amy (verified owner)

    Milagros is easy to work with and well-prepared.

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