Man-Ri van den Ham

BACKGROUND: History teacher, coach, trainer & advisor intercultural relations, Polish literature

Hello, thank you for visiting my profile!

I’m Man-Ri and I come from a family with Dutch, English, Korean, Iranian, Colombian and Indonesian influences. Though my name suggests otherwise, Dutch is my native language and I was raised near the historical town of Brielle.

I have broad range of interesest: I’m fond of Dutch painting & poetry, Polish history, British humor, Korean food, Swedish landscapes, French novels & novelties, Italian cinema and German philosophers and vacuum cleaners. For some reason I’m covinced that I’m a culinary genius, though all my friends think otherwise of that. Other interests are: photography and boxing.

For 24 years I’m living in Amsterdam where I studied Polish language and literature and followed courses in linguistics, history, Latin, philosophy, theology, Russian literature and transactional analysis. I have a special interest in the historical development of the Dutch manners and mentality.

In the past I worked as a coach, trainer and history teacher. Besides my work as an incompany trainer and tutor for Flowently I’m helping organizations dealing with cultural differences.

Most of all I like to share with you my love for the Dutch language and culture and I hope that after a few sessions the pronunciation of ‘Scheveningse arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekeringsmaatschappij’ will be a piece of cake for you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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