Juulke Lecluse

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BACKGROUND: Linguistics, Multilingualism, Language Acquisition

Hey! My name is Juulke and I live in Amsterdam. Languages are simply my passion. In high school I learned English and German and during college I studied Applied Linguistics with the languages French and Spanish where I also thoroughly analysed my mother tongue: the beautiful Dutch language. Now, after learning languages for all those years, I can’t wait to share all my knowledge about the Dutch language with you to help you integrate even better! Moreover, I’m interested in culture, politics, society and travelling.

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3 reviews for Juulke Lecluse

  1. Ralph van Coevorden (verified owner)

    Juulke is a great teacher, having knowing several languages already, she can always find good examples for explaining how Dutch rules are similar to other languages which makes it easier to understand. Juulke is nice, friendly and explains everything in a great way.

  2. podiatra.pedromborges (verified owner)

    Great professional. Passionate about languages and native Dutch speaker which helped me a lot to develop my Dutch skills. Nice and patient, very organized, knew how to bring struture to my study caotic skills. Recomend the experience.

  3. t.muller (verified owner)

    A very professional young lady with a great personality. Thanks for your patience with me.

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