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Jerna Bruggink

Hi, my name is Jerna and I live in the eastern part of The Netherlands, near Zutphen. I have been a personal trainer/coach in nutrion and Nordic Walking for many years. Recently I worked as a marketeer for a trade journal in high and scientific education.
I remember the excitement and fun learning foreign languages (French, English, German and Spanish). As a teenager I emigrated (for a few years) and thus I share the experience to make yourself understandable in a ‘strange’ language and cope with a different culture.
I’m enthousiastic to become your tutor and step by step support you speaking Dutch. Like walking ? Then you can book a workshop Nordic Walking in De Achterhoek (where I live near the German border). Active, sportive walking and talking in Dutch. I’m curious about your ‘magic phrases’ and look forward meeting you…

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    We had a lovely day in Zutphen and enjoyed our lessons and the city very much.
    We were very tired at the end of the day because of all the new things we learnt. So it was definitely enough.
    Jerna was very friendly, patient and explained a lot to us.
    We just really struggled with the pronunciation of some of the words ( i.e. Duitsland!!).
    We are looking forward to our next lessons!

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