Hilde van den Akker

BACKGROUND: International Guide, Translator, Coach, Journalist

Hello, welcome to Deventer. A very old and beautiful town with an interesting history. I’d like to make a city tour with you practicing the first Dutch words that are convenient in daily life. Let me help you learn to speak our language better. We practice from the book but also from experiences from your life. We can make a program the way you choose. I am really passionate about the combination of teaching Dutch with regular or special activities (café, terrace, museum, shopping etc.).
My name is Hilde. Born and raised in the Netherlands but worked and travelled all over the world.
I know how hard it can be to settle in another country with a new language and to find your way in a different culture.
I ‘m a people person, and interested in all kind of cultures. I would like to make you at ease in the Netherlands. The language is the gate to discover everything there is about the Dutch.
I have a degree in Journalism, French and Spanish.

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